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Two in one

We all scream for . . . cheesecake?

Mike's Original Cheesecake Ice Cream combines two favorites -- New York cheesecake and superpremium ice cream -- into one outrageously delicious dessert. Dip into a pint of Mike's Graham Cracker Delight for a spoonful of cheesecake ice cream loaded with chunks of graham cracker. Or, bite into a cheesecake ice-cream bar coated with Graham Cracker Crunch or Strawberry Sorbet. Find these tongue-tingling treats at Stop & Shop Supermarkets (locations include 181 Cambridge Street, Boston, and 155 Harvard Street, Brookline) and Purity Supermarkets (locations include 525 Harvard Avenue, Brookline, and 600 Mass Ave, Cambridge) for slightly under $3 per pint or six-bar box.

-- Stephanie Lipka