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Up in smoke

Harshbarger gets caught in the tobacco-deal backlash. Plus, Globe goodies-to-go, tuning out Thompson, and WRKO's violent femmes.

Up from Anonymity

Joe Klein bounces back from his Primary Colors prevarications. Plus, Slate treads water, and the Kennedys find themselves far from Camelot.

Losing spin

It never fails: today's scandals are revived as tomorrow's attack ads. Here's the mud we can expect to see flying during next year's race for governor

Family affair

A powerful family; allegations of sordid sexual conduct; the turning of political fates. It's easy to see why the media have loved the latest Kennedy `scandal,' but it's hard to justify the price they've made Joe Kennedy pay.


Fells Acres agendas in the media. Plus, a gushing welcome for Rick Pitino, and the sensational Spotlight series.

The education of Mary Jo

Advice for CNC's controversial new editor: bone up on your Machiavelli

Making niche

Beacon Hill aims to be the ultimate State House insider's guide. Plus, the state of media cynicism, and Fidelity hires an editor.

Pulitzer whys

How two first-rate pieces of economic reportage got downsized. Plus, Eileen McNamara's passion, and a poetic injustice.

Taylor the Fifth

The Boston Globe's new publisher talks about the Herald, cyberjournalism, newsroom ethics, and more

Muddled in the middle

CommonWealth's shortcomings show why ideology matters. Plus, the battle of the journalism reviews, and the squeeze is on at public radio's Living on Earth.

Porn patrol

The digerati are screaming `censorship' over Mayor Menino's Internet sex ban at the Boston Public Library. But cybersmut is more disgusting -- and Menino's proposal more reasonable -- than his critics are willing to admit.

The Times of Boston

The New England edition's debut raises hackles -- briefly. Plus, Will McDonough's ethics deficit, and the Herald readies a new look.

Work in progress

Michael Kelly's first hire at The New Republic, media critic William Powers, makes a striking debut. But even Powers admits he's got a lot to learn.

Making waves

With commercial stations going lowbrow, Boston's public broadcasters are fine-tuning their strategies. The question: are WGBH & WBUR doing their duty?

Reality bites

The layoffs have begun at Community Newspaper Company. But Fidelity's not greedy, just overextended.

Touchy Tom

Sometimes he yells. Sometimes he stamps. Sometimes Mayor Menino's relationship with the press leaves something to be desired.

Cash flow

Two-tier wage scale at Five on Five -- plus, Jim Braude seeks to reboot Otherwise

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