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January 6 - 13, 2000

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Dutch treat


by Nancy Kalajian

A classic Dutch cold-weather treat is two wafers stuck together with a nearly invisible caramel-honey filling. They're great to eat as is, or -- as I learned from friends in the Netherlands -- after you've let the wafer rest briefly on the rim of a hot cup of tea. When the wafer gets a little warm, dip it quickly into the tea and take a bite; it melts in your mouth. Cardullo's (6 Brattle Street, Cambridge) sells various packages of snack waffles; pictured are A. Verweij Siroopwafels, $4.99 for 10. Bread & Circus (locations around Greater Boston) sells six DeRit Honingwafels ("honey waffles") for $3.99.

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