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May 4 - 11, 2000

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Olive it up

Rauxa's olives to go

by Nancy Kalajian

noshing & sipping
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  • Anyone eating lunch or dinner at Rauxa, the upscale Catalan restaurant in Somerville, notices the amazing assortment of marinated olives brought to the table. The olives, in various shades of earthy color, include the Arbequina, a Catalan green olive; the black Farga; and the green Cassis, which has a vanilla and pistachio flavor. For those who want to re-create the magic (or just show off at their cocktail parties), the olives are now being sold to go. Jim Becker, Rauxa's owner and chef, reports that although most people try the largest olives first, the tiniest -- the Arbequina -- is the tastiest. The olives can be purchased for $8 a quart at Rauxa's Cava Bar. Rauxa is located at 70 Union Square, in Somerville. Call (617) 623-9939.

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