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July 6 - 13, 2000

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Miscellaneous meat sandwich

Mmmm, uh, turkey?

by Sarah Lariviere

noshing & sipping
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  • White Hen Pantry is the only place in Porter Square serving food after 1 a.m., and after 1 a.m. may be the only time that people are willing to try something called a "miscellaneous meat sandwich." Loaded with the day's deli leftovers, served on a fresh bagel with tomatoes, lettuce, mustard -- the whole nine yards -- the miscellaneous meat sandwich goes for about $2. This is not to be confused with your old cafeteria's mystery meat; what's "miscellaneous" here is the choice of meat, the treatment of said meat, and the flavor of bagel. The best combination I've had so far -- and I have had a number of them -- was a raisin bagel with Cajun turkey and the works. As my friend said: "If you were in California, and that came on a plate, it would cost 15 bucks." The miscellaneous meat sandwich is available at most White Hen Pantries, including the one at 1864 Mass Ave, Porter Square, Cambridge. Open 24 hours. Call (617) 547-7255.

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