[sidebar] July 3 - 10, 1997
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Smear tactics

Athenos feta spread

Feta, the classic Greek cheese, is crumbly by nature, so it doesn't exactly come to mind when you're looking for something spreadable. But Athenos, which makes various cheese-based "Mediterranean spreads" in the very un-Mediterranean (but cheese-savvy) state of Wisconsin, makes a delicious feta spread. Its trick is to blend the feta with a bit of cream cheese, then whip the mixture into an airy spread that makes a delicious substitute for a slice of cheese on a sandwich. This is also an excellent dip for pita bread or vegetables. It comes plain or with sun-dried tomato and basil; a five-ounce container costs $1.79 to $2.29 at various area supermarkets.

-- Theresa Regli

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