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September 25 - October 2, 1997, 1997

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Monk art

Trappist Preserves wine jellies

by Nancy Kalajian

The Trappist monks of Saint Joseph Abbey, in Spencer, Massachusetts, live according to the 1500-year-old rule of St. Benedict. Their cook has been on the job only 30 years, but that's given him plenty of time to get his jelly recipes right. After these wine-based jellies are cooked, the alcohol ends up concentrated in the product, which turns out delicious and rather potent. Perhaps that's why it's sold in such small jars. Brother Albert's favorite is the sherry jelly, which he recommends spreading on a cracker layered with a bit of mild cheese. Trappist jellies are sold at many grocery stores and by mail; an assortment of five three-ounce jars (burgundy, muscatel, port, rosé, and sherry) costs $10.45, shipping included. Call (508) 885-8730.


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