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January 14 - 21, 1999

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Sudbury Soups

Aromatherapy in a bag

Noshing & Sipping by Nancy Kalajian

You get a sense of Sudbury Soups' healing qualities even before they're cooked -- just take a whiff of the dry ingredients, contained in a see-through plastic bag. More than 15 varieties of soup are available, including a hearty, curry-spiced yellow split pea-and-butternut soup that's a complete source of protein. It's simple to prepare and takes about an hour to cook: just boil the split pea, barley, and spice mixture with two cans of bouillon. You provide fresh onion, celery, and butternut squash.

Owner Susan Sullivan first created the soups at her home in Sudbury, but they're now made in West Concord. A portion of her retail sales goes to Bread & Jams, a Cambridge shelter and food kitchen. Sudbury Soups are available for about $4.50 at Wilson's Farm, Wild Harvest stores, and some Star Market and Bread & Circus outlets. To order individual soups or gift packs by mail, call 1-888-SUD-SOUP.

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