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August 26 - September 2, 1999

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Grey Goose Vodka

Take a gander

by Thor Iverson

According to the Beverage Tasting Institute, this is the best-tasting vodka in the world. It's certainly the best-looking vodka in the world, with a beautiful frosted-glass bottle adorned with -- what else? -- geese. All it needs is a bumper sticker: HONK IF YOU LIKE VODKA. But what sets Grey Goose apart isn't [Grey Goose Vodka] the taste (ultra-clean, with hints of anise and lime rind) or the bottle, but the incredibly sensuous texture. It's like silk sliding across your tongue and down your throat, and it makes this one of the very few vodkas that's a pleasure to drink by itself, or on the rocks. And, interestingly, it comes not from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, or one of the former Soviet republics, but from France. A 750-milliliter bottle is $26.99, and it can be found at liquor stores everywhere.

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