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R: ARCHIVE, S: REVIEWS, D: 05/23/1996,

A Modern Affair

Clearly Vern Oakley learned little from Ted Danton and Whoopi Goldberg's disastrous 1993 comedy Made in America. His A Modern Affair stars Lisa Eichhorn as a Baby Boomer career woman who decides to silence her ticking biological clock by resorting to a sperm bank -- and then tracks down the dad. He's ferretty, witty, intense Stanley Tucci, a cynical photographer from a broken home who hates families and commitments. The usual sperm-bank humor is disposed of early, and the film climaxes with an intense confrontation before dribbling away to a limp, feel-good ending. Run-of-the-mill except for the outstanding performances of the leads, A Modern Affair is no immaculate conception. At the Coolidge Corner.

-- Peter Keough