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The age of Certainly
Certainly, Sirís new album; Kooky Scientist in Europe

An electronic band in a region of rock purists, CERTAINLY, SIR might be the hottest local act without a domestic label. Formed a few years back by indie-rock vets Klaus Hubben (of the Ivory Coast) and Michael Brodeur (of the Wicked Farleys), they debuted with a full-length, Mugic, on the short-lived British label Spoilt Records. A 12-inch EP appeared on Palm Picturesí British imprint Palm Beats. Both releases found success in the Far East, and their wonderful new TAN, which includes a cameo by Postal Service/Death Cab singer BEN GIBBARD on "Midnight Again," is slated for November release on Japanís Rallye label. They play Friday at Great Scott as part of N.E.S.T.

Brodeur says C,S began as a bedroom recording project, and as a "way to recover" from the demise of the Farleys. "But it was really a rabbit hole. And the more Klaus and I played off each other and took advantage of shit we didn't know, the more possibilities opened up. All the notions I might have had about electronic music being this stable, easy, low-engagement form just collapsed. Everything was a variable, and the pop songs were less of a default than they were a way to anchor all sorts of ideas we wanted to try out. Thatís why Mugic sounded so fucked up." TAN, on the other hand, is sleeker than anything C,S have done. The groupís sound designs can be bouncy and minimal ("Done Pulse") or layered in synths ("Jealous Jacket"). All the while, Brodeurís melodies stick to your ears like taffy on teeth. Itís the kind of modern sound that makes you wonder when labels will start tripping over each other to put it out.

Boston-area techno guru KOOKY SCIENTIST just finished a European tour including appearances at the superclubs Fabric in London and WaterGate in Berlin. The Scientist, a/k/a Fred Gianelli, has had a decade-long career; his latest is the "Mosquito Bytes" 12-inch for the Berlin label Sub Static. The track appeared on influential DJ playlists and made the sales charts of top EU dance shoppes. "It was so crowded that people couldn't move enough to leave the dance floor," Gianelli wrote from a recent stop. "I was surprised when people came up to me for the rest of the night congratulating me" . . . Sometime Gianelli collaborator RICHIE HAWTIN returns to Boston on October 6 at Avalon. Hawtin just unleashed another vault of his classic Plastikman material called Nostalgik.2, and under his own name heíll release a new CD/DVD, DE9: Transitions (Mute Records), on Halloween. This ambitious, minimal-ien release features the only techno recorded in immersive 5.1 surround sound . . . The Source is showing Boston hip-hop so much love, youíd think the mag had moved back to Harvard Square. HITMAKERZ, whose latest is the Chubby ChubĖhosted mixtape The Time Is Now Vol. 5 (hitmakerzent.com), are featured in Octoberís "Off the Radar." (The group also made headlines in April when member Luis Ramos was charged in a nightclub shooting that left a Lawrence high-school basketball prospect paralyzed.) And Lawrence spitter TERMANOLOGY was the magazineís September selection for its influential "Unsigned Hype" column. Termís Hood Politics 3 drops in November . . . Youíll find a lot of these headz out tonight (September 22) at Billís Bar when Lowellís own LYRICAL throws a party for his new iNiFiNiTi . . . Montreal madman TOBIAS C. VAN VEEN (http://www.quadrantcrossing.org/) crashes the weekly Beat Research party at Enormous Room on Monday. One of North Americaís strangest music theorists, Van Veen is also a recording artist, an excellent writer, and a slamming DJ. Joining him is "Mash Ave" founder DJ BC, Bostonís best mash-up DJ. Check his blends at http://www.djbc.net/.

You can find David Day behind the decks Thursdays at Middlesex Lounge and Fridays at Enormous Room. He can be reached at mailto:circuits@squar3.com.

Issue Date: September 23 - 29, 2005
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