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Great expectations
Mr. Airplane Man’s new arrival, plus No Trigger, Embrace Today, and All That Remains

Ever since singer/guitarist Margaret Garrett moved to Memphis, Mr. Airplane Man’s local gigs have been few and far between. And they’re about to get fewer still: after a show on July 7 at the Kirkland and another August 12 at T.T.’s, MAM are taking a break from playing live. Nothing ominous about it: Garrett’s having a baby in November, so she’ll be rocking for two. "There won’t be any extensive touring for a while," she says, "but I have plans to make a record this summer and I’m very excited about it. I actually have been more creative and writing more songs since I got pregnant than I have in a long time."

The T.T.’s gig will be an unofficial farewell, with the band playing two sets and including a bunch of the new material. Garrett says the new songs add a couple of twists (bass, pedal steel) and adds, "For those who like the more ballady side of MAM, this record is leaning in that direction."

And her new gig as a mom? "I was lucky enough to be brought up by a mother who was a very committed visual artist. That was how I grew up, thinking that if you have a dream or a passion, you follow it and make it work with the other parts of your life even if you’re a woman and a mother. I don't believe becoming a parent is contrary to playing music or ‘rocking out’ or whatever you want to call it. On the contrary, playing music with every cell in your body and being a good parent, I imagine, [both] require that you show up for life and live it to its fullest."

Embrace Today have been on the front lines of the straight-edge hardcore wars since their 2001 inception. Through continual touring in support of their Kurt Ballou–produced debut, Soldiers (Deathwish, Inc.), they’ve risen through the ranks to become one of the most respected bands in the hardcore community. After killing it on the road with Bleeding Through and hardcore heroes Champion, they’re ready to jump to the next level: engineered by Michael Poorman (Hot Rod Circuit) at Q-Division and Godcity Studios, their hard-hitting sophomore album, We Are The Enemy, hits shelves next Tuesday, July 12.

Recent Nitro signees No Trigger have already begun writing their debut full-length, a follow-up to the recent singles-comp EP Extinction in Stereo. They’ll hit Colorado’s Blasting Room Studios in September with producer Bill Stevenson (Black Flag, Only Crime); look for an early-’06 release. Meanwhile, the other local punk outfit with the Stevenson/Nitro hook-up, New Bedford’s A Wilhelm Scream, have announced an East Coast tour with ex-Nitro kids Lost City Angels and Kings of Nuthin’ to benefit the Hopeline Network, a suicide-hotline charity; it kicks off July 5 in Connecticut. (See "Download," on page TK, for a new MP3 by AWS.)

Blood Has Been Shed’s Josh Venn has joined the very underrated All That Remains, replacing bassist Matt Deis, who left the band on friendly terms last month. Venn will remain in both bands, though ATR will be his full-time gig. . . . Thorp Records is at it again: the Ohio label has signed Maine’s On the Outside, whose line-up includes members of Outbreak. They’ll be at storied Stoughton studio the Outpost (Blood for Blood, Dropkick Murphys) to record their debut this summer; expect a late-fall release. Meanwhile, Thorp signees Crash and Burn have added a fifth Warped Tour date to their dance card; they’ll now play the New England date in Northampton. . . . And finally, Connecticut’s Cable have called it quits. Formed in 1994, the group released seven albums with several labels including Hydra Head and This Dark Reign. According to the band, "This is an amicable decision among all the guys and certainly has not ended on bad terms. It’s just that time."

Chris Rucker is the host of New England Product, which airs Sundays from 9 to 10 p.m. on WFNX 101.7 FM.

Issue Date: July 1 - 7, 2005
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