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Digital Hygiene
by Ted Dillard

Now that you have a digital camera, you've probably already found out how much fun digital photography is. You may be starting to find out a few more things... like the fact that you're taking hundreds of pictures, and generating huge amounts of, well, data.

A Photo Isn't a Photo 'Til It's a Photo!
By Alan Samiljan

Here's one for you. A young mother I know told me how her five year old asked her, "Mommy, why aren't there any pictures of me when I was a baby?" The only thing the mother could answer was, "That was the year Daddy bought the digital camera!"

The Care and Feeding of Your Digital Camera
By Edward Plekavich

Cameras do not like to be roughed up. Now that you've invested in a nice piece of equipment, be careful to handle it gingerly. Repairs to a zoom that won't zoom or battery door that jams are most likely caused by impact.