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Web Site Maintainers

After five years online, the Phoenix decided to put someone in charge of its Web sites. That awesome responsibility has fallen to Liz Matson, who used to perform similar miracles for the Boston Herald's online presence. Here at the Phoenix, Liz's title is Online Managing Editor. Respect that.

As Senior Managing Editor of the Phoenix Newspaper Group, Clif Garboden oversees the day-to-day operations of our four weekly newspapers. He also writes a TV column called Hot Dots, mouths weekly commentaries on FNX radio, and, until the acquisition of Liz Matson (see above), played Editor in Chief to the Phoenix editorial Web sites. Clif was assigned the latter task at this site's inception, in 1995, when, despite his never having actually used the Internet, he was deemed Existing Employee Most Likely To Be Able To Deal With This Shit. He has been with the company since the Nixon administration.

After culling critical accolades for her stirring performance in the Lifetime movie Nefarious Passions as "Counter Clerk #3" ("Would you like fries with that?"), Camille Dodero cast aside a budding acting career to pursue a future in "web stuff." Since her Hollywood-dismount, she's dabbled in the tattoo underground, Namibian culture, photographing large beasts (a category that includes cantankerous union thugs), and the art of cutting and pasting. As shocking as it may be, sometimes a Cable Ace just isn't enough. In official circles, Camille is known as Assistant Online Managing Editor.

Kate Cohen so desperately wanted to get her career started in the Boston arts industry that she initially applied to the Phoenix for the position of "Artist's Model." As she was leaving her interview, which abruptly ended when Kate refused to take her clothes off, she blurted out, "But I know HTML!" She was hired on the spot as Online Content Coordinator. Like a short order cook hopped up on Sugar Daddies, she nimbly maneuvers around the PCs and Macs in the New Media department while reminiscing about her days on the Florida Panthers Rat Patrol. Kate also enjoys showering unsuspecting passers-by with random trivia about six-fingered baseball pitchers and the favorite foods of today's hottest pop superstars. Look for her work online in the coming months.

Kathleen Gary is the idiot savant responsible for the new and improved (now with 66% more cleansing power!) Phoenix Web site. A southern girl originally working on a PhD in Museum Studies and Film Criticism, she was lured away from her former life by a lifetime supply of coffee. Often surly, she can usually be found scheming a way to run away with the circus or eating pecan pie. She speaks bad Japanese. She collects vintage muscle bikes, tattoos, and is not easily impressed. She is easily distracted by anything fuzzy or shaped like Las Vegas. Her favorite words are transpicuous, aleatory, frangible, and gravy.

The newest contributor to the Boston Phoenix Web site is a young lad named Andrew Somerville. Andrew feels that his destiny has been unbound since birth. Rather than believe in fate and a life that is predestined by higher beings, he is confident that life is a random selection of events that plays out like a game of poker. With this philosophy in mind, Andrew floats through time and space in an infinite cycle of musical bliss that he defines as his one and only habitually religious outlet.

Andrew was first spotted walking aimlessly around town, tantalizing pigeons with powerful renditions of “Pavarotti In The Park.” Boston Phoenix’s own Camille Dodero was late for her winter solstice choir jamboree when she noticed the concerto. Joyfully recognizing Andrew’s peculiar aura, the pigeons pelted the earth with white pellets of satisfaction. For the first time, Camille went against her fate, ignoring the fact that she would disappoint Jesus. Together, Camille and Andrew rejoiced in song as they belted out the opening lines to TLC’s 1994 mega-hit “Don’t Go Chasing Water Falls” to a growing flock of intuitive listeners. It was sheer white-out! After such a moving experience, Camille and the pigeons were convinced that Andrew had talent. Determined to persuade him to join the Phoenix team, she took a no-holds-barred approach and would do anything (even giving up her cameo “do you want fries with that” role in a movie entitled “Do You Want Fries With That”) to initiate Andrew into the highly acclaimed position of ONLINE CONTENT COORDINATOR!!

Now the insiders of the Phoenix honestly don’t know how Camille ultimately convinced Andrew to join the team. Some say it was the blatant temptation of large barrels of variety popcorn that Camille insisted he would get on a daily basis. Others around the office claimed it was her touching story about the tragic downfall and eventual drowning of her mother’s beloved 1989-handcrafted MC Hammer doll in a pool of Pepto-Bismol. Whatever the case may be, since Andrew’s arrival... well not much doing, but with time and perseverance he will me mesmerizing Phoenix readers from Billerica to Belchertown, Seakonk, to Saugus and beyond!!

Web Site Creators

Debbie Klein is the former Design Director of the Boston Phoenix and was one of the graphic coordinators behind this site.

How a dream became reality: Yao Feng and Mark Saltzman were the original engineers of this site. We haven't heard from them in a while, but most of the stuff they did still works.

James Mandolini and Tatania Whitney were the original graphic designers of this site.

John Moss, now raking in the bucks at Fidelity, was our star designer for many years. The now defunct (but fondly remembered) Summer Preview ducks were his idea.

Theresa Regli, a/k/a "The Linker," guided this site from its very beginnings through scores of personnel changes, many awards, and a few too many pints of bean dip as its principal content coordinator. We miss her terribly, though she lives on in the occasional Noshing.

We thought he'd been kidnapped, but a year and a half after his initial disappearance, Thor Iverson reared his big (literally) head out of incognito to make a few sporadic cameo appearances in the New Media department. Just before his untimely demise, he had almost singlehandedly designed the Providence Phoenix, and Worcester Phoenix Web sites while continuing the unending task of updating this site. Fans of his Web legacy recall frequent and loud complaining about sweatshop conditions, Kathie-Lee Gifford, and polyester socks... all of which probably led to his mysterious disappearance. Thor is also the paper's wine critic.

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