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Hip to be dull
Break out the cribbage boards and fondue sets
by Kris Frieswick
from January 19, 2001

No great shakes

What happens when two hands collide?
by Scott Kathan
from January 12, 2001

Too close to call

And you thought the presidential race was a nail-biter
by Kris Frieswick
from January 5, 2001

Working it

Giving the office your personal best
by Nina Willdorf
from December 29, 2000

I, Prudius

In which our protagonist realizes she ain't seen nothin'
by Kris Frieswick
from December 22, 2000

Tree of shame

Oh, the guilt of coveting the festive conifer
by David Valdes Greenwood
from December 15, 2000

Rear Window redux

It's just like The Real World, but without the stupid conversations
by Kris Frieswick
from December 8, 2000

Obscenity laws

The proper use of improper language
by Chris Wright
from December 1, 2000

Home empty home

Reality-based home renovations for the busy single professional
by Kris Frieswick
from November 24, 2000

Thumbs down

Urban hitchhiking: an idea ahead of its time
by Andrew Weiner
from November 17, 2000

Thanks 2000

E-mail breeds familiarity breeds contempt
by Kris Frieswick
from November 10, 2000

Nice guys finish vaguely

by Nina Willdorf
from November 3, 2000

The vicious circle

You love him, he loves her, she loves . . . etc.
by Kris Frieswick
from October 27, 2000

Fantasy bites

Coming to terms with the best of all possible worlds
by Chris Wright
from October 20, 2000

Return of the TFBs

Quick -- unleash the hounds
by Kris Frieswick
from October 13, 2000


On bringing home the bacon, frying it up in a pan, and topping it with a nice demi-glaze
by Nina Willdorf
from October 6, 2000

Junk man

Portrait of the author as a pile of third-class mail
by Stephen Heuser
from September 29, 2000

Dating for gold

In some Olympic events, carrying the torch is a bad thing
by Kris Frieswick
from September 22, 2000

Heart of Palm

Come, join us, and know the power of the Palm Way
by Kris Frieswick
from September 15, 2000

The power of denial

Whatever happened to the happy hangover?
by Chris Wright
from September 8, 2000

The power of denial

It's the hottest new coping mechanism -- order yours today!
by Kris Frieswick
from September 1, 2000

Hey, baby, live here often?

The 'mating game
by Nina Willdorf
from August 25, 2000

The boss of me

Why do we all turn into 15-year-olds around our parents?
by Kris Frieswick
from August 18, 2000

The alone ranger

Does being by yourself make you a loser?
by Kris Frieswick
from August 11, 2000

Le wow

If France is so great, why don't they have a word for `kick ass'?
by Kris Frieswick
from August 4, 2000

Just swell

The injury that dare not speak its name
by Chris Wright
from July 28, 2000

Really mad libs

Breaking up is hard. But it's easier with a template.
by Kris Frieswick
from July 21, 2000

Buzz me

Who says drinking and dialing don't mix?
by Michelle Chihara
from July 14, 2000

Real-life Survivor

Some game shows I'd really like to see
by Kris Frieswick
from July 7, 2000

Gibe talking

Am I an evil person, or do I say the wrong things for the right reasons?
by Chris Wright
from June 30, 2000

The saunterers

I'll take rush-hour traffic over pedestrians any day
by Kris Frieswick
from June 23, 2000

Critical mess

The fine art of pulling disorder from chaos
by Todd Pitock
from June 16, 2000

Small beer

Why alcohol and kids should mix
by Kris Frieswick
from June 9, 2000

High-pro gloat

There's only one thing to say about the protein-diet fad: Pass the bread!
by Gloria Fallon
from June 2, 2000

Cereal lust

Not just for breakfast anymore
by Kris Frieswick
from May 26, 2000

Shopping dropout

Life without the shopping gene
by Kris Frieswick
from May 19, 2000

Farewell, 90210

My life with Brandon, Dylan, and the gang
by Sam Pfeifle
from May 12, 2000

Dot-comic relief

Reasons to be glad the bubble is bursting
by Stephen Heuser
from May 5, 2000

That's smokin'

Are cigarettes still bad for you if you don't pay for them?
by Kris Frieswick
April 28, 2000


A tradition that needs some retooling, so to speak
by Michelle Chihara
from April 21, 2000

Stuff it

The things we leave behind
by Kris Frieswick
from April 14, 2000

Oh, boycott

David versus Federated Department Stores, Inc.
by Stephen Heuser
from April 7, 2000

Phone hex

Love in the time of telecom
by Kris Frieswick
from March 31, 2000

TV, guide

Living by the light of the tube
by Jumana Farouky
from March 24, 2000

Time out

This is not my beautiful demographic
by Kris Frieswick
from March 17, 2000

The crying game

Sometimes you can't beat a good manly blubber
by Chris Wright
from March 10, 2000

Now that's rich

Who wants to marry a famillionaire?
by Kris Frieswick
from March 3, 2000

Morphine fan

My new faith in chemicals (and other miracles of modern medicine)
by Michelle Chihara
from February 25, 2000

Air quote me

Harmless finger twitch, or the decline of Western civilization?
by Kris Frieswick
from February 18, 2000

Heart attack

Up with romance! Down with Valentine's Day!
by Stephen Heuser
from February 11, 2000

Dream on

A look at the nightmares that bind us
by Kris Frieswick
from February 4, 2000

Happy 21st!

The best of our brilliant century, so far
by Stephen Heuser
from January 28, 2000

Thong thang

In praise of bottom floss
by Kris Frieswick
from January 21, 2000

Getting stuffed

When did owning things become a substitute for living?
by Stephen Heuser
from January 14, 2000

Mind warp

The Internet is turning me into a 21st-century pain in the ass
by Kris Frieswick
from January 7, 2000

Bad is good

Another year of journo-tainment, and it's all my fault
by Jay Jaroch
from December 31, 1999


Why minimalist holidays suck
by Kris Frieswick
from December 24, 1999

Cruise control

A supposedly fun thing I would absolutely do again
by Michelle Chihara
from December 17, 1999

Party pooper

A spy in the house of glitz
by Kris Frieswick
from December 10, 1999

Hand over fist

Why money and masturbation don't mix
by Chris Wright
from December 3, 1999

The waiting

It's not only the hardest part, it's also the most confusing
by Kris Frieswick
from November 26, 1999

The book bind

A recovering reader speaks out
by Stephen Heuser
November 19, 1999

New Year's skeve

Welcome to the global coolness challenge
by Kris Frieswick
November 12, 1999

Don't call me

Can you a cell phone and not be a cell-phone person?
by Michael Joseph Gross
November 5, 1999

Goodbye, Mr. Bill

The happiest day of my life
by Kris Frieswick
October 29, 1999

Jock itch

Notes on suddenly wanting to kick everyone's butt
by Jay Jaroch
October 21, 1999

Slow company

Why raises are better than an on-site masseuse
by Kris Frieswick
October 15, 1999

Hole in none

Good riddance, Ryder Cup
by Dan Zevin
October 8, 1999

Sexual harassment

You'll miss it when it's gone
by Kris Frieswick
October 1, 1999

Cork dork

A beer drinker fears he's not aging like a bottle of fine wine
by Dan Zevin
September 24, 1999

Road test

How a relationship can find its purpose somewhere outside Gary, Indiana
by Jay Jaroch
September 17, 1999

Playing dead

Slip 'N Slide, the Pitch Back, and other horrors of my youth
by Kris Frieswick
September 10, 1999

Jersey Boy

A displaced bridge-and-tunnel person learns that he believes in the promised land
by Dan Zevin
September 3, 1999

No sweatpants, myself

Old clothes make the man
by Dan Zevin
August 27, 1999

Down with OPB

Are Other People's Babies ruining your life?
by Kris Frieswick
August 20, 1999

Fed up

You are what you eat
by Dan Zevin
August 13, 1999

Bass instincts

Notes on recovering the freedom to be bad
by Clea Simon
August 6, 1999

Happy camper

Boyz n the woods
by Dan Zevin
July 30, 1999

Me, naked

How to keep from dying of exposure
by Michael Joseph Gross
July 23, 1999

Jibe talkin'

Sometimes learning something new can take the wind out of your sails
by Dan Zevin
July 16, 1999

Lumping it

Last of the summer whine
by Chris Wright
July 9, 1999

A.C., R.I.P.

A recent widower loses his cool
by Dan Zevin
July 2, 1999

Flim flam

Worried about teen violence? Maybe it's time for some new movie ratings.
by Alissa Quart
June 25, 1999

Fear of fatherhood

When paternal instincts strike, breeder beware
by Dan Zevin
June 18, 1999

Party politics

Ask not for whom the candles burn. Just eat the cake.
by Clea Simon
June 11, 1999

There's the rub

Rage against the massage
by Dan Zevin
June 4, 1999

Commencement redress

Greenspan at Harvard. Kissinger at BU. What the hell do they know?
by Dan Zevin
May 21, 1999

Forbidden questions

Thanks for not asking
by Dan Zevin
May 7, 1999

Don't plan on it

This step-by-step program will help you achieve your long-term goals and plot the course of your future
by Dan Zevin
April 30, 1999

Doggy nation

While others sleep, little tribes citywide hang out with tennis balls and plastic bags . . .
by Dan Zevin
April 9, 1999

Don't play games

Whoever stops first, wins
by Dan Zevin
March 26, 1999

Maiden voyage

Filthy kitchen? Stinky bathroom? Maybe it's time to spend $50 on a m . . . m . . . m . . .
by Dan Zevin
March 19, 1999

America's code war

We used to fear becoming a number. Now we'll just settle for having a familiar one.
by Todd Pitock
March 12, 1999

Fitness crazed

A January gym rat faces February
by Dan Zevin
January 29, 1999

Repair impaired

Confessions of a non-handyman
by Dan Zevin
January 22, 1999

Cappuccino? Espresso? Mad Russian?

A coffee underachiever makes a New Year's resolution
by Dan Zevin
January 15, 1999

Season's gratings

Greeting cards: When you really don't care enough
by Todd Pitock
December 18, 1998

Jerry sprung

How TV's trashmeister turned serious and betrayed us all
by Jay Jaroch
December 4, 1998

Holiday offer

We're holding a place at the table. In Toledo. Act now!
by Mark Bazar
November 27, 1998

Auto immunity

Not having a driver's license isn't just inconvenient. It's practically un-American.
by Alicia Potter
November 20, 1998

Seasoned with yime

Our exes may fade from memory, but their cooking tips live on
by Clea Simon
November 6, 1998

Eat the snail!

The faltering vegetarian confronts his worst fear: a meal that's still alive
by Dan Tobin
October 2, 1998

Movied to tears

Why we can't discuss films without losing friends
by Todd Pitock
September 18, 1998

Park City

In which the author looks for a space
by Ellen Barry
September 11, 1998

Solo fright

Alone for the weekend! Is it time to sow those wild oats -- or warm up some oatmeal?
by Clea Simon
July 24, 1998

Laugh tract

For whom the belly laugh tolls
by Peter Keough
July 17, 1998

Growing up Beastie

A bratty teenager follows his white-boy heroes into adulthood
by Mark Bazer
July 10, 1998

Monumental forces

Why the Fourth of July just hasn't been the same since we lost the war
by Clif Garboden
July 3, 1998

Unsend my heart

Technology brings nuance back into our lives
by Ellen Barry
May 22, 1998

Ill Will Hunting

That screenplay Oscar shoulda been mine. If only I'd written a screenplay.
by Mark Bazer
March 20, 1998

Poised to tell all

I'm interesting! I'm really, really interesting!
by Ellen Barry
March 13, 1998

Conversion course

You'd expect Scientologists to be spacey and intense. You might not expect them to make such a bad movie.
by Mark Bazer
January 30, 1998

Girl power

The fine art of remaining a feminist while having a man kill all the spiders
by Clea Simon
January 23, 1998

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