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This is the 10th-anniversary edition of the Phoenix/WFNX Best Music Poll. When we started the event, we had no idea that the poll would become a tool for recording Boston's music history. Now we can see that history; it's placed in context by Brett Milano's year-by-year overview. Here, and in this year's results, you can see not only the history of the local scene, but Boston's unique take on larger trends and events: from Ed's Redeeming Qualities and R.E.M.'s breakthrough (in our first poll) through Future Bible Heroes and Prodigy. This year's results are as diverse and unpredictable as ever. That's a tribute to our readers and listeners. Thanks for supporting the Best Music Poll and Boston music with your ballots over the past 10 years.

-- Jon Garelick
Associate Arts Editor

Meet the Winners
From Letters to Cleo and Morphine to Radiohead and Sarah McLachlan, we give you the word on this year's Best Music Poll winners.
by the Phoenix staff

Can you say 'Microsoft'?

Music's new world order
by Matt Ashare

Local Music '98

Good clean fun
by Brett Milano

The big 10

The BMP from Ed's to Eddie and more
by Brett Milano

| the winners | articles & commentary | BMP archives: 1997 | 1996 |

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