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Eleven years into the game, the Phoenix/WFNX Best Music Poll got its best voter turnout yet. You can attribute that to a few serendipitous convergences. For one, our voters have found the Web, and much prefer the online ballot to our traditional clip-and-mail version (which also collected a nice bounty). For another, local bands have taken our poll to heart with massive get-out-the vote campaigns. Fine by us. As long as everybody votes only once (and the Web poll makes ballot-stuffing -- if you'll pardon the expression -- virtually impossible), we're happy to have folks like the e-mail-mad local jazz crew Saturnalia draw their huge fan base to the ballot and increase overall participation. And, finally, we attribute the massive turnout to our readers' and listeners' faith in WFNX and the Phoenix. We take it that you not only like what you're hearing, but consider this a good place to be heard. Thanks for reading, for listening, and for talkin' back at us.

-- Jon Garelick
Associate Arts Editor

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