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Review: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Leave It to Beaver , according to Eddie Haskell
By ALICIA POTTER  |  March 23, 2010
1.0 1.0 Stars

Middle-school antihero Greg Heffley may depict himself as a comic illustration in Jeff Kinney’s bestselling kids’ books, but director Thor Freudenthal turns him into an outright caricature. This abysmal adaptation ticks through a predictable checklist of clichés, from home-room hell to gym-class gynecomastia.

Although similarly sneaky and self-absorbed in the novels, Greg, as played by mini-man Zachary Gordon, is hugely unappealing in his wayward bid for popularity. (Imagine Leave It to Beaver as told from the viewpoint of Eddie Haskell.) Lost is the ironic, satiric interplay between the crude drawings and the deadpan voice, with the film’s only laughs arising from a piece of cheese.

The saving grace — and the one child not gratingly overacting — is Robert Capron, baby-faced and wearing a bowl cut, as pudgy sidekick Rowley. Otherwise, this take on the ’tween quest to evade embarrassment utterly mortifies.

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Janice R.

I normally don’t respond when I see a stupid and thoughtless movie review, however, in this case, Alicia Potter is so "off-base" in her comments about the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie, that you have to wonder what planet she lives on.

I can’t help but get angry at such absurdity and find myself compelled to respond. It is even more pathetic when a so-called movie reviewer finds, an almost pride, as she does, in denigrating an actually, very clever and entertaining family movie.

As a women and a mother, I find Ms. Potter’s “so-called” review so “completely off” and absurd that it makes my skin crawl that anyone could write such non-sense. Comparing Wimpy kid to “Leave it to Beaver” and her Eddy Haskell comment, I have to wonder, what rock did she come out from under? To make such stupid comments is so “off the wall” and disgraceful to the consumers who trust a reviewer to be objective and honest. Such is not the case here. After reading this, I wonder how you got stuck in this job which you do so poorly. The paper must be really hard up. To make the stupid and biased comments you make, you must have some hidden agenda?

Your review of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie" lacks any substance, knowledge, class, or understanding of the story or books at all. You write…”This abysmal adaptation ticks through a predictable checklist of clichés…” This is a review from a supposed reviewer who must have had some bad experiences in middle school or before going to preview this movie. Your review comes off negative for the sake of being negative and, Ms. Potter, your attempt at trying to be clever fails miserably. Instead you come off UN-clever and thoughtless.

Since the ideas and jokes are from the immensely popular New York Times Best Selling Novel, one can only think that you must be mixed up or talking about some other book or movie. What absurd comments to make, which shows you know nothing of the story. These comic experiences are all from the book, with few exceptions, which have been universally successful, based on the number of individuals who have read this Best Selling series. Did you write a New York Times Best Selling Novel? Where do you think these unoriginal jokes and ideas come from? In actuality, everyone I have spoken with who has seen the movie, agreed that the book was captured very well on film by the writers, director and cast. I went with about 30 people, both kids and adults, to see this film and every single one of them loved it and felt the adaptation was true to the story.

What business do you have reviewing movies when you have no ability to understand or relate objectively to the story at hand? Nothing you say is clever, it is all ”trite”. To say that everything in the movie isn’t funny or new is absurd. You come off as an arrogant buffoon in your negative dictatorial about the movie. You are only negative as if that's your game plan to think you're cool or clever or something? Ms. Potter, you do not relate anything to the book, you do not understand the book, you do not understand the characters or anything about Jr. High School (Middle School). You have no understanding of the complexity of the movie or the acting, nor anything else about this movie or you would not have made the totally stupid comments that you wrote. The kid actor who plays the main character, Greg Heffley, must have done a great job in portraying the character for you to “dislike” him with such a “vengeance. Ergo, so much for your objectivity.

For anyone with an open mind, this is a very clever and entertaining movie. It is relatable to anyone who has survived middle school. I am a women and I laughed thru this whole movie. As a women (I am talking about you Ms. Potter, I think), it is hard for me to read your review and not see anything, at all, about your own related experiences expressed in your comments, even in "third person". Everyone I have talked with finds a lot of experiences easy to relate to in this film, but not you.

In my opinion, you have written an extremely unprofessional and juvenile review. A “review” that also discards the interweaving of the book and cartoon stick figures into the movie so seamlessly and cleverly. It is very sad that you, Ms. Potter, could not find anything else in the entire movie to relate to except the pudgy “underdog”(Rowely character) who, to the rest of us intelligent people, saw him as basically being who he is in real life, nothing more. This you find incredible acting. What a joke! This says a lot about you as a person. That makes me wonder if there is anything "original" in your head?

If you want to learn "clever” watch the movie again, but this time without the stick in your rear! Honestly, what isn't funny about this movie? What isn't there to like about this movie? What isn’t entertaining about this movie? It was clearly funny and an emotional rollercoaster ride to the end. The beauty of it was that all this was done without having to sit through hours of fake computer graphics or 3D.

I take offence Ms. Potter, that you call yourself a reviewer. The fact that you do not see the comedy, wholesomeness, or entertainment value, of any kind or for any age group, in this movie would suggest the need for you to find another job…one where you don't have to pretend that you actually think....

For everyone else who may read this, my suggestion is to go see the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie" for your selves. I am sure you will find it fun cinema entertainment. (Which is what it is supposed to be) And you just might find many relatable jokes and experiences in this movie, in spite of what Ms. Potter said. Go enjoy this movie, which will, make you laugh out loud and, let you appreciate the fact that you survived the difficult and "limbo world" of middle school knowing that you will never have to do it again. Based upon my experience, I think adults, as well as kids, will enjoy this film.
Posted: March 24 2010 at 4:06 AM


I agree with Potter... and I am in 7th grade
Posted: November 18 2010 at 11:51 PM
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