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EVER GET THE FEELING THAT WHENEVER YOU GUYS ARE MENTIONED IN THE MEDIA, IT'S SOMETHING NEGATIVE? Get the feeling? It's pretty much the case. We're the most hated band in the world. We made so much noise last year, a couple people said, "How can you say you're the most hated band when so much good stuff has happened to you in 2011?" And I say, well, look what happened when we did a song with Jack White. If we had any respect, why would everyone be tripping out that we did a song with Jack White? We're both from Detroit; we're both from the same neighborhood. They freak out about it because Jack White is respected and we're not. That's why everybody wants to know what's wrong with Jack White for doing a song with us.

ODD FUTURE WAS BLOWING UP PRETTY BIG IN 2011, AND I MUST HAVE SEEN THEM COMPARED TO INSANE CLOWN POSSE IN THE PRESS A DOZEN TIMES. IT WASN'T ALWAYS IN THE MOST POSITIVE LIGHT. Yeah, not to take away from them at all, but I got Tyler the Creator's record. They say they don't do horrorcore. Maybe they don't want to call it horrorcore . . .

THEY'RE DOING SOMETHING LIKE THAT. They're definitely doing that style, right? We've been doing what they're doing for years. I think they're incredible; they're like the Wu-Tang Clan of horrorcore, but they don't want to be labeled horrorcore. I never met them or talked to them; I sent out a tweet saying what's up to them once. No response that I know of. But what blows my mind is how commercial they're going — and they're doing the wicked shit! They're doing the crazy lyrics, and yet it's massively successful. It's really strange, but I think it's cool. I'm happy for those guys.

At this point in the interview, I mentioned to Violent J that I'd been approached by an ICP fan a few months ago; the fan had read an article I wrote about recent Juggalo news, and wanted me to write for his fledgling Juggalo Web site, Clown News. I was happy to oblige — due to my continuing relationship with Clown News, I asked Violent J to answer a special question as a Clown News/Boston Phoenix co-production. This is that question

OKAY, SO HOW ARE YOUR NUTS DOING? The nuts are doing — they're very comfortable recently because I discovered a pair of boxer shorts called Bentleys. And yes, they are expensive, just like the car. They're underwear, they're boxer shorts, but the thing is, they hold your balls comfortably even when you wear the same pair for three or four days, which I'm known to do.

WHOA. Now, other underwears, they blow out, you know? If you wear the same pair and you sleep in 'em and you rock 'em the next day, the boxer briefs blow out. They turn into regular boxers.

SO THEY KEEP THE GOODS SQUEEZED? Bentleys — look em up — they stay firm, caressing your balls wonderfully for days on end. You don't really have any urge to change them. They feel like you just put on a fresh pair every morning.

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