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Review from issue: August 28 - September 4, 1997

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A Smile Like Yours

A Smile Like Yours There can be little doubt that erstwhile E! quipster Greg Kinnear was voted "Most Adorable Smile" in high school. In A Smile like Yours he meets his match in Lauren Holly. Together they play a lovely, smily couple, she a perfume designer, he an engineer (he's in elevators). Sometimes they're both in elevators, applying aromatic aphrodisiacs in full view of benign, smiling construction workers. It's all so very lovely that flowers could sing, and the sun could turn into a big smily face. Naturally there's Conflict: his pesky infertility (his sperm are "lazy swimmers"), her manic, maniacal attempts to get herself in the family way, and the advent of a Dark Lady all threaten to turn smiles to frowns. Lovely, the film seems to say, can get ugly.

The adorable Kinnear is not doing himself any favors with overblown sit-coms like this. He needs to find the real thing -- some Must-See-TV vehicle for his winning grin and ironically arched brow. There are funny moments here, but unless you're prepared to pay a buck a laugh, wait for the video, or the TV series. At the Nickelodeon, the Harvard Square, and the Allston and in the suburbs.

-- Chris Wright
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