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Major Stars, Aberdeen City, and more

As Long As We’re All Living We’re All Dying, "Fatigue" (Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records)

The guitar-drums duo’s last single included "Burn Allston to the Fucking Ground," but this track, from an upcoming split-single with the Hound, could actually do it: 90 seconds of sustained, barking animosity that starts like Metallica’s "Battery," blurs into grindcore, and despite the title never runs out of steam.

Major Stars, "Pocket" (Twisted Village); Phoenix "On the Download" exclusive

Long-time Twisted Village proprietors Kate Biggar and Wayne Rogers have been cranking out twisted psych-rock for ages under such monikers as Magic Hour and Heathen Shame, but the latest incarnation of Major Stars is their hottest line-up yet. On their newest seven-inch, joined by former LA Drugs singer Sandra Barrett and Carlisle Sound drummer Casey Keenan, they unleash mammoth sludge metal that evokes the deepest groans of Black Sabbath and the shrillest shouts of Bikini Kill.

Ryan Leslie, T-Town Presents the Official NextSelection Mixtape (www.t-town-productions.com)

This new R&B triple threat penned "Answer" for Britney, produced Beyoncé, and has been touting himself as Usher’s new (writing) "partner in crime." He’s also an excellent singer and a Harvard grad, but his forthcoming solo debut for Tommy Mottola’s Casablanca Records is anything but academic. R-Les has several prospective singles in the test-marketing stage, one featuring Snoop Dogg, another with Fabolous, and one based on a sample of James Brown’s first hit. They’re all great, and most are on this free-download mixtape created to hype a German tour.

Aberdeen City, "God Is Going To Get Sick of Me" (Dovecote Records)

You’re gonna get sick of them too, but probably not before they’re opening for someone like U2. From their new Sixty Lives EP, a teaser for their forthcoming The Freezing Atlantic, it’s glimmering, agonized, anthemic indie pop — like the Sheila Divine if they’d swallowed a Pedro the Lion lyric sheet.

Issue Date: July 22 - 28, 2005
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