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For the week of September 9, 2005

The lads formerly known as OFFICER MAY have gotten a fresh dose of inspiration since rechristening themselves DIRTY HOLIDAY this spring. The line-up hasnít changed, but the sound has: though theyíre not the psychedelic Christian rap group their MySpace page promises, they are gentler and more melodic. "At this point, weíre like a whole new band," says drummer Jared Croteau. "Itís more rooty, I guess, but itís not like [weíre] a folk band or anything." Fifteen new songs are in the can, recorded in two sessions this summer at the Small Church with KEVIN MICKA, who also recorded Officer Mayís seething guitar fest Smoking in A Minor (Ace Fu). Two tracks are up at http://www.myspace/officermay . . . It will be a homecoming of sorts for the latest buzz-building Pitchfork-hyped phenomenon CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH when they bring their quirkily angular, Talking Headsy pop to an already sold-out T.T. the Bearís Place this Wednesday. Although theyíre invariably described as a Brooklyn band, four of the five band members hail from the Boston area . . . DYLAN BLACK, formerly a bartender at the B-Side Lounge and Enormous Room, has purchased the Green Street Grill, along with several partners, including Kimchee Recordsí ANDY HONG. Black expects to close briefly this fall for minor renovations before reopening as Green Street in November. He plans occasional music shows, plus an updated cocktail list and menu . . . AL BARR isnít giving away any of the surprises the BRUISERS have planned for their reunion show Wednesday at the Roxy, but he promises songs from throughout their entire run. "[I was] feeling a little nostalgic," he writes from Europe, where heís on tour with his other band, DROPKICK MURPHYS. "That band made up 10 years of my life, and Iím hoping to finally shut people up about us doing a reunion." . . . Indie-pop faves TIGER SAW celebrate the release of their new Sing! (Kimchee) Tuesday at the Middle East. Expect a (gentle) cacophony of voices: the band tapped an abundance of friends to help out on the albumís pretty choral harmonies . . . And born-for-the-radio rock strutters WALTHAM just landed some global airtime: "Cheryl (Come and Take a Ride)," the lead track from their Ryko debut, Waltham, can be heard all month on promos for the CBS reality show The Amazing Race.

Sarah Tomlinson can be reached at mailto:stomlins@mindspring.com

Issue Date: September 9 - 15, 2005
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