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[Off The Record]
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DJ Deep
(Virgin France/Astralwerks)

The fourth CD in the " Respect Is Burning " series highlighting the Paris disco of that name, Presents DJ Deep allows yet another Laurent Garnier protégé to strut his stuff to house-music fans. Deepís taste sounds like 1990, a time when houseís original format ó jazzy, soulful, and mellow ó still prevailed but was beginning to give way to deeper and darker expressions. Deepís set does the opposite, opening dark and fretful with Kerry Chandlerís 1992 deep-house classic " Iím Not Dreaming, " then segueing back to Logicís " The Warning, " a 1990 work that was one of houseís first (and best-liked) ventures into deep stuff and the darkside.

Itís a song well worth revisiting. " The Warning " threw house musicís suavely joyous birthright into a bluesy turmoil that has not resolved itself even now. Deep ó perhaps because heís in Paris, not New York ó sees it differently. In his set, as he sways smoothly from delicate " tribal " cuts like Lost Tribes of Ibadanís " Avareh " and Osunladeís " Cantos a Ochun & Oya " to falsetto guy vocals (in the manner of Ten Cityís Byron Stingily) and baritone swoons redolent of Robert Owens and Michael Watford, " The Warning " is just another jazzy piano dance. The CD also features two cuts by the long (and unjustly) forgotten Blaze, " How Deep Is Your Love " and " Elements of Life, " the latter mixed by Little Louie Vega; " Life Goes On, " by Vega and Arnold Jarvis; and Kimara Lovelaceís trampy " Misery " as mixed by Lilí Louis, yet another name from way back when.


Issue Date: April 19 - 25, 2001

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