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[Off The Record]
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Johnny Vicious & Tall Paul

If Eurodisco is your flight of choice, the front side of this two-CD set, mixed by Johnny Vicious, has your name on it. High and melodious girls’ voices, angelic boys’ choirs, fast-tempo’d and cute electronics, everything dreamy and bright and rhythmic from top to toe. It’s all there, ringed with quite a few of Euroland’s giddiest hits: Sureal’s " You Take My Breath Away, " Delerium’s " Silence " (with Sarah McLachlan singing), Nicole Henry’s " No Greater Love, " Svenson & Gielen’s instructive " Beauty of Silence, " and, sublimest and fastest-tempo’d of all, Johnny Vicious & Nina Maitri’s own " Here with Me, " a Euro tour de force.

The B-side, mixed by Tall Paul, is mainstream trance, dry and cool. It starts with Pete Heller’s deep-house remix of Moby’s " Southside " and adheres to that song’s two-layer groove right through shaky jams by Fatboy Slim, Blaze, Darren Christian, and — deepest and darkest of all — Chocolate Puma’s " I Wanna Be You, " a rhythm statement in which two lines of hard groove flap up against and mirror each other.


Issue Date: May 10 -16, 2001

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