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[Off The Record]
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The first-ever live disc from ex-GBV second-in-command Tobin Sprout and Eyesinweasel, his new outfit of old friends (drummer John Peterson and bassist Dan Toohey played in Sproutís pre-GBV band, Fig. 4), is both a fun listen and an accurate warts-and-all document of a triumphant night last October upstairs at the Middle East. Live provides an action-packed overview of Sproutís prolific pre- and post-GBV career, as well as a smattering of well-chosen Bee ThousandĖera GBV highlights, like " Awful Bliss, " " Mincer Ray, " and the sublime and tender " Esterís Day. " Old GBV habits apparently die hard: Live sports no fewer than 27 songs. (At the outset, Sprout announces his intent to tear through 45 songs " before one oíclock, " but he gets slowed down when he starts taking boozed-up audience requests midway through the set.) At least the ratio of quality to quantity is high. The opening " Get Out of My Throat " is a stealthy, muscular rocker that shows off Sproutís tough-guy side ó pay no mind to that pixyish voice ó and his ragged-but-right new band. At their best, Eyesinweasel almost make you forget Sproutís old group. But not quite.


Issue Date: July 5 - 12, 2001

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