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[Off The Record]
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Mixed by newcomer DJ Geoffe, this 10-track set roams all over the house-music map, from a Clash-sampling ( " Rock the Casbah " ) version of Pussy 2000’s " It’s Gonna Be Alright " and Mandalay’s Madonna-ish " Beautiful " (mix by DJ Victor Calderone) to Pete Heller’s mix of Moby’s trancy " South Side " and Underworld’s droll " Cowgirl " to Fire Island’s " Shout It to the Top " featuring ultimate diva Loleatta Holloway singing her highest goddess soprano. Also taking part in Geoffe’s journey: Rinocerose’s " Mes vacances a Rio " (mix by François K); Ian Pooley’s " 900 Degrees " (Pete Heller mix), with an instrumental rhythm reminiscent of 1970s British funk; Tinstar’s dreamy " Sunshine " ; and a deep and darkly funky version of Pussy 2000’s " It’s Gonna Be Alright " that sounds nothing at all like the " Rockdapussy " mix that opens the set.

Various as Geoffe’s sources may be, however, he sticks to the plush beat, exotic sound effects, and spacy voiced basics that give house music its drama and sensuality. Keeping the sonic distortions to a minimum and avoiding the hard, screechy sounds of jungle and electronica altogether, Geoffe assures the dancer that he — and his love objects — are all identifiably human. Not a bad antidote to the monster fear that holds so much of today’s rock music in thrall.


Issue Date: July 26 - August 2, 2001

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