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[Off The Record]
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Jonny Polonsky

At age 27, one-time critics’ darling Jonny Polonsky sounds like a guy bent on making up for lost time. Which, in a sense, he is. Five years ago, after his demo caught the ear of guitar wizard Reeves Gabrels and indie-rock icon Frank Black, very young, very hyped Jonny was inked to Rick Rubin’s American Recordings label. Which then lost its distribution deal and, well, you can guess the rest.

The end product of the Polonsky saga is this mostly terrific six-song EP, which blasts and throbs like a handful of amphetamines washed down with black coffee. The title track, like most of the others here, glistens like sweatier, dirtier Dwight Twilley, with knotty, roughed-up electric guitars and a well-earned sense of urgency. " Roll On " cross-dresses Mott the Hoople with T. Rex, accessorizing the glam flash with glitter-dusted nonsense like " This is the season of the warthog, the kids are killin’ for the quilts. " With the exception of the lame last track, " You Are My Star, " which sounds too much like a Diane Warren–penned Aerosmith power ballad, Something is a worthy welcome-back from an ex-wunderkind who’s learning how to grow up, not old.


Issue Date: July 26 - August 2, 2001

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