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Wellwater Conspiracy

Ex-Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron may be better known for his recent work with Pearl Jam than for his role as the songwriting and multi-instrumental force behind Wellwater Conspiracy. But Cameron and John McBain, a founding and also ex-member of Monster Magnet, have now released three full albums of late-’60s/early-’70s-style psychedelic prog-rock as Wellwater Conspiracy. This is music that moved these guys (and many of the rockers who formed the foundation of Seattle’s early-’90s grunge explosion) every bit as much as punk rock in their formative years. The drumming is stellar throughout, as are cameos by Eddie Vedder, who sneaks in as Wes C. Addle on the jangly " Felicity’s Surprise, " and by Cameron’s former Soundgarden bandmates Kim Thayil and Ben Shepherd. But unlike the Seattle bands who forged grunge by fusing lysergic garage rawk to metallic riffs and punk spirit, Wellwater Conspiracy are singleminded in their mission to pay tribute to classic basement stoner rock. Which is why, after three Wellwater Conspiracy CDs, Cameron is still best known for his recent work with Pearl Jam.


Issue Date: August 16 - 23, 2001

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