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Beneath the irresistible summer sheen of their ubiquitous í99 smash, "My Own Worst Enemy," Lit came across as little more than faceless corporate-rock hacks. But their stylistic anonymity served them well ó with its sharp humor and sharper hooks, the song spoke for itself. On their third album, the band once again score no points for originality but nevertheless come up winners. Theyíve traded the snappy pop punk of "My Own Worst Enemy" for a glam-inspired rock decadence that sounds more like something from Hollywood than from their native Orange County: the opening sleaze riff and bubblegum chorus that drive the first single, "Lipstick and Bruises," could easily fit into the Buckcherry repertoire. The rest of the disc is similarly littered with loud guitars, but the bandís pop bent is probably too pronounced to win over the rock crowd. Singer A. Jay Popoff has a bit of a thing for Elvis Costello, and heís prone to cringe-inducing wordplay like "Iím so addicted to you/And youíre such a dick to me." "Happy in the Meantime" is a worthy answer to Eve 6ís prom-season smash "Hereís to the Night" (the two groups share producer Don Gilmore), and "Sunny Weather" sports an oldies-radio melody Smash Mouth would kill for. There are few surprises, but this is high-gloss rock done right.


Issue Date: October 25 - November 1, 2001

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