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We’re nervous enough opening the mail around here without having a bunch of ill-named heavy-metal bands on the loose. Thank God no one has sent us any Anthrax — perhaps because they’ve pushed back their scheduled tour with Judas Priest until February. But we did receive a few over-wrapped (or is that -rapped?) lumpy envelopes from Biohazard, whose logo has become a familiar backdrop on the nightly newscasts. Uncivilization (Sanctuary), the aptly titled album from the Brooklyn hardcore stalwarts and proto-rap-metal godfathers, was recorded long before September 11, but it still boasts the kind of guest list you’d expect from an all-star benefit concert: members of Slipknot, Sepultura, Pantera, Cypress Hill, and Type O Negative all pitch in. Biohazard are on the road with Southern-fried boogie-scuzz banditos Clutch, jazz-metal fiends Candiria, and New Hampshire cavemen Scissorfight. They’ll be spreading the disease Friday at the Asylum (207-772-8274) in Portland; Saturday at Jarrod’s Place (508-222-8878) in Attleboro; and Sunday at Chantilly’s (603-225-7709) in Concord, New Hampshire.

On the track from their Virgin debut (B.R.M.C.) that’s currently in rotation over on MTV2, San Francisco’s Black Rebel Motorcycle Club pose the musical question " Whatever Happened to My Rock ’n Roll? " — and then answer it with the kind of fuzz-punk blast you’d expect if Queens of the Stone Age had grown up on a steady diet of the Jesus and Mary Chain. BRMC make the rounds this week, showing up tonight (Thursday November 15) at the Higher Ground (802-654-8888) in Winooski, Vermont; Friday at the Skinny (207-871-8983) in Portland; Saturday at Pearl Street (413-584-7771) in Northampton; and Sunday at the Green Room at Snooker’s (401-351-7665) in Providence. Next Friday (November 23), they’ll hit the Paradise (617-423-NEXT) in Boston; Saturday will find them at the Tune Inn (203-772-4310) in New Haven. Former Faith No More/Mr. Bungle crooner Mike Patton’s heavy-metal/avant-garde/C&W supergroup Tomahawk — featuring former Jesus Lizard guitarist Duane Denison, ex-Helmet drummer John Stainer, and former Melvins/Cows bassist Kevin Rutmanis — show up in support of the group’s homonymous debut, on Patton’s Ipecac label, Sunday at Toad’s Place (203-624-8623) in New Haven and Monday at the Middle East (617-864-EAST) in Cambridge. And don’t look now, but that’s Sonic Youth playing a one-off gig in their adopted home town of Northampton on Friday at the Calvin Theatre (800-THE-TICK) with J Mascis.

Last but not least: we couldn’t help noticing that a stellar indie-punk package tour brings Saves the Day and Hey Mercedes to the area this week — tonight at the Asylum (207-772-8274) in Portland; Friday at Avalon; Saturday at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel (401-272-5876) in Providence; and Sunday at the Chapin Theatre (800-477-6849) in South Hadley — while Mercedes Lander and her sister Morgan show up with the rest of our fave almost-all-girl pop-deathmetal band Kittie at the Roxy (617-931-2000) on Friday. Who’s got the hook-up?


Issue Date: November 15 - 22, 2001

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