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Capturing the truth
Jesse Friedman talks about the scandal that shattered his family and the movie that explains it all
from July 11, 2003

There’s something about Harry
Evangelicals who are all worked up about Harry Potter's celebration of magic and the occult are on to something. The kid may just be queer, in the broadest sense.
from June 27, 2003

Arabian night sweats
The old Orientalism, with its vicarious sense of erotic thrill in the alien, was bad enough. But in the hands the religious right, the sexualization of Islam is downright dangerous.
from June 06, 2003

Pleasure principles
Caroline Knapp’s Appetites
from May 16, 2003

Sexing the spirit
Love the Sin offers a new strategy for the gay-rights movement: Advocating freedom of religion
from May 2, 2003

Far, far, far from heaven
Once shunned as relics of self-hatred, queer pulp novels turn out to have pointed beyond gay liberation
from April 10, 2003

Being there
Supporting our troops, short of bringing them home, begins with families, lovers, and friends who take the entire measure of soldiers’ lives. It also means reversing the US’s dismal record on meeting veterans’ real needs.
from April 3, 2003

Drag lad tells all
Fifty years ago, George Mansour was arrested for having sex with another man behind closed doors at a private party. What was it like to have your name smeared across the true-crime tabloids at age 19?
from March 6, 2003

The other Matthew
Matthew Limon, a mentally limited teen, was put away for 17 years under Kansas’s harsh sodomy laws. If the Supreme Court hears his case, it could blow the lid off archaic sex laws across the land.
from February 20, 2003

Monkey business
The religious-discrimination complaint brought by a creationist biology student is another attempt by right-wing conservatives to hijack intellectual and scientific discourse
from February 13, 2003

An unordinary life
Veteran gay journalist Sarah Pettit knew how to kick butt
from January 30, 2003

Gay goes mainstream
A mature gay movement returns to its origins in a politics of broad social change
from January 16, 2003

Dworkin avenged
‘Long Dong’ Silver fan Clarence Thomas echoes the arguments of anti-porn feminists to ban cross-burning. They’re wrong, and so is he
from December 19, 2002

Public safety
We don’t need a right to sexual privacy — we need a right to be safe when we’re public about our sexuality
from December 12, 2002

Nightmare on Main Street
Henry Kissinger, John Poindexter, and Strom Thurmond: Old bad guys all polished up and presented as shiny new champions of peace and justice
from December 5, 2002

Liberalism's Improbable Ally
Is Laura Bush the linchpin to bringing down the Bush administration?
from November 14, 2002

Choosing the Jews
A teacher of Jewish studies comes out to his students as a Catholic — and explains his deep interest in Jewish culture
from November 7, 2002

The real Harry Hay
With his sometimes crackpot notions and radiant, ecstatic, vision of the holiness of being queer, Harry Hay refused to play the model homosexual hero
from October 31, 2002

Can a white, Southern gay man do a non-racist drag act in blackface? Activists and city officials won’t let us find out.
from October 17, 2002

Sex education
Behind the Bush administration’s push for single-sex schools is a sure-to-fail attempt to control teenage sexuality
from October 3, 2002

Brain drain
In defense of Susan Sontag, Noam Chomsky, and Gore Vidal
from September 19, 2002

Shove, the second time around
Those who remember the past are doomed to repeat it
from September 12, 2002

Elementary freedom 101
Memo to right-wing wackos: Schools are in the business of teaching students to think critically
from August 29, 2002

Comic relief
Making the incipient homosexuality in superhero comics more visible has prompted a backlash far more complex than the one faced by comic books in the 1950s
from August 22, 2002

George Mansour remembers Doris Wishman
from August 22, 2002

Hero with a dirty face
Samuel Roth — smut peddler, literary pirate, ruthless businessman, rabidly anti-Semitic Jew — is not easily venerated. But without his stand for free expression, we might still be gagging on state control.
from August 15, 2002

Standard deviation
Do ‘community standards’ bar the publishing of gay-wedding announcements? Or are major newspapers simply rubber-stamping the comfortable status quo?
from August 8, 2002

Pope on a slope
The Roman Catholic papacy has lost its moral authority. Will the Church of England and its new leader, Rowan Williams, take over as the voice of Christendom?
from August 1, 2002

Fear and loathing in Ptown and Hollywood
When did it become fashionable for liberals to bash gays?
from July 25, 2002

Adopting a cause
from July 25, 2002

A modest proposal for the pope
from July 18, 2002

The politics of sainthood
Why has the Church chosen this moment to canonize a priest widely accused of sexual misconduct with women?
from July 11, 2002

The Ann Landers column, 1955–2002
from June 27, 2002

Rally ’round the fag
The sorry fate of queer politics since September 11
from June 20, 2002

Nancy boy
Teen-sleuth novels taught me that I could have a mysterious, adventuresome, erotic imagination on my own
from June 13, 2002

Twice-told tales
The rhetoric surrounding the Catholic Church’s current priest sex-abuse scandal owes much to the 19th century’s sensational anti-Catholic propaganda
from June 6, 2002

A queer romance
As a straight construction crew makes his house a home, a gay man finds a new type of male bonding
from May 23, 2002

Sense and sensitivity
It’s okay to be politically correct
from May 9, 2002

The kids are alright
Judith Levine’s new book calls for honest debate about children and sexuality. She’s hit the right’s gag reflex.
from April 18, 2002

Mommy dearest
Rosie O’Donnell can do a lot of good for gay would-be adoptive parents. But can she also do harm?
from March 28, 2002

On the back of the bumper
The issue of legal protection for transgender people threatens to shred the already shaky alliance between mainstream gay-rights groups and transgender activists
from March 21, 2002

Invisible exposure
Two media powerhouses have announced plans for gay-and-lesbian cable channels. But could gay TV mean the death of queer culture?
from January 31, 2002

Closet drama
Don’t put Hitler and Mohamed Atta on the list of famous queers in history just yet
from November 15, 2001

Surina Khan
A Pakistani advocate for gay and lesbian human rights shares her thoughts about America’s war on terrorism
from October 18, 2001

Mourning in America
The thousands of ‘missing’ posters in Lower Manhattan are a form of public keening not seen in this country since the AIDS Quilt
from October 11, 2001

Hollywood squares
GLAAD — the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation — has lost its way
from September 5, 2001

Queer as your folks
Queer as your folks
from August 2, 2001

Risky business
If Andrew Sullivan really advertised for unprotected sex, it’s hardly the only reckless thing he’s done
from June 7, 2001

Rain on the parade
Even for an old radical, there’s nothing really wrong with Pride as a party — until AIDS takes the person who taught you to see it that way
from June 7, 2001

Gay-media merger called off
from March 15, 2001

Then there was one
Gay people may be everywhere, but their voice is beginning to emanate from a single place — with a single point of view
from March 1, 2001

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