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Cardinal Law

Law and the law
State laws prevent Tom Reilly from prosecuting Cardinal Law and his bishops for their part in the pedophile-priest cover-up, but some say the feds could indict them for racketeering
by Kristen Lombardi
from August 15, 2003

Dealing with abuse
What Archbishop O’Malley must do
Phoenix editorial
from August 1, 2003

The low road
The Boston archdiocese had two models for approaching lawsuits brought by victims of clergy sexual abuse, and it chose the less generous one. Here’s where things stand.
by Kristen Lombardi
from July 4, 2003

Law's Disgrace
After what they’ve been through, who among the victims of clergy sexual abuse can feel good about all the sympathy lavished on Cardinal Law by the press?
by Kristen Lombardi
from December 19, 2002

Wages of Sin
After years of shielding pedophile priests, the Boston archdiocese keeps putting its people last by crying poor
by Kristen Lombardi
from October 24, 2002

Bitter divorce
While the Church has spent millions to hush up its pedophiles, married priests can’t even collect their pensions
by Kristen Lombardi
from July 18, 2002

The politics of sainthood
Why has the Church chosen this moment to canonize a priest widely accused of sexual misconduct with women?
by Michael Bronski
from July 11, 2002

Twice-told tales
The rhetoric surrounding the Catholic Church’s current priest sex-abuse scandal owes much to the 19th century’s sensational anti-Catholic propaganda
by Michael Bronski
from June 6, 2002

Price of scandal
by Kristen Lombardi
from May 2, 2002

Stuck in denial
Despite appearances to the contrary, the Catholic Church has yet to recognize the gravity of the clergy sex-abuse scandal
Phoenix editorial
from April 25, 2002

The Vatican is the problem
A deeply conservative hierarchy stymies Catholics who seek change. Is it time for reform, or a new Reformation?
Phoenix editorial
from April 11, 2002

Looking beyond the priest scandal
by Kristen Lombardi
from March 21, 2002

Not ready for crime time
Some say that Cardinal Law and the Church itself should be held criminally liable for sexual abuse committed by priests under their watch. But case law makes that virtually impossible.
by Harvey Silvergate
from March 21, 2002

The price of perversity
Reflections on the costs exacted by John Geoghan and Cardinal Law
by Peter Kadzis
from March 14, 2002

The Geoghan settlement
Cardinal Law should pay a higher price for his silence
Phoenix editorial
from March 14, 2002

Cardinal Law on the ropes
Ten years ago, in the midst of an earlier pedophile scandal, Cardinal Law called down the wrath of God on the media. Now the media are giving him hell.
by Dan Kennedy
from March 7, 2002

The call to go
A significant voice suggests Cardinal Law take leave
Phoenix editorial
from March 7, 2002

Cardinal Law loses clout
The cardinal says he won’t resign, but the archdiocese’s political influence may be waning in the wake of the Geoghan scandal
by Kristen Lombardi
from February 7, 2002

Cardinal Law’s shame
It is time to end the posturing
Phoenix editorial
from January 31, 2002

Geoghan: Convicted at last
Last week’s Middlesex County criminal trial against defrocked Boston priest John Geoghan may have seemed anticlimactic. But nearly 40 years after he began molesting children, the disgraced clergyman has finally landed behind bars.
by Kristen Lombardi
from January 24, 2002

Psychiatrist who cleared former priest Geoghan was accused of sex abuse
by Kristen Lombardi
from January 17, 2002

Court ruling may change the way clergy-sex-abuse cases are litigated
by Kristen Lombardi
from January 4, 2002

Unsealing priest-pedophile records
by Kristen Lombardi
from December 21, 2001

Geoghan tries to get court case moved
by Kristen Lombardi
from October 12, 2001

Failure to act
By the 1980s, the Catholic Church knew more about pedophilia than any other organized group working with children in the US. So why didn’t Cardinal Law protect his flock?
by Kristen Lombardi
from October 5, 2001

Law’s failure to lead
The Catholic Church must stop its sleazy defense tactics in sex-abuse cases
Phoenix editorial
from August 24, 2001

Cutthroat tactics
When dealing with sex-abuse cases against priests, the Catholic Church acts more like a greedy corporation than a spiritual institution
by Kristen Lombardi
from August 24, 2001

Clerical privilege
There’s plenty of support for two bills that would require clergy to report suspected child abuse — and scarcely any public opposition. But no one expects either bill to pass.
by Kristen Lombardi
from May 4, 2001

Letters to the Editor
Fall from grace
from April 13, 2001

Disgraceful acts
Cardinal Law must come clean
Phoenix editorial
from March 30, 2001

Ending the clergy exemption
by Kristen Lombardi
from March 30, 2001

Cardinal sin
Sex-abuse victims of former priest John Geoghan charge that Cardinal Bernard Law was told of Geoghan’s criminal activity as early as 1984 but did nothing to stop it. Now they want to know why.
by Kristen Lombardi
from March 23, 2001

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