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Phoenix Editorials

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America’s Republican problem
Bush is only a symptom of a virulent infection
from December 23, 2005

Do the right thing
Where Biden and Clinton failed - and where Eugene McCarthy succeeded.
from December 16, 2005

Stop bitchin'
Murder is the problem
from December 9, 2005

Is the Pope unchristian?
Thoughts on the ban on gay priests
from December 2, 2005

Iraq: out now
Plus, a sliver of Middle East hope, and bad craziness from the press
from November 25, 2005

Alito and abortion craziness
Plus, hope in the fight against AIDS
from November 18, 2005

Guilt by nomination
Why Alito is so bad; plus, the lesson of Theo
from November 11, 2005

Hennigan for mayor
Plus, Phoenix endorsements for Boston City Council
from November 4, 2005

The big questions
Plus remembering Rosa Parks
from October 28, 2005

Boston's Mayoral race - so far
Plus slot machines and judicial pay raises
from October 21, 2005

Rove and Libby
Thoughts on Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers and indicted House leader Tom DeLay
from October 14, 2005

The dragnet tightens around the White House gangsters
from October 7, 2005

Jim Crow, Boston style
Plus, progressive hopes, universities for sale, Gaza
from September 23, 2005

The Snelgrove case
Too many unanswered questions remain
from September 16, 2005

The future can work
As Massachusetts girds to protect gay marriage, the California legislature approves full marriage rights for all
from September 9, 2005

We need a governor
Plus, how you can help the victims of Hurrican Katrina
from September 2, 2005

Bush lies, they die
Thoughts on Iraq, its very bad constitution, and a cowardly press
from August 26, 2005

Gaza gambit
A calculated gamble in the right direction
from August 19, 2005

Where's the outrage?
Federal allegations of voting improprieties sully Boston
from August 12, 2005

A bold proposal
How to build the economy through the arts and culture
from August 5, 2005

Mitt’s morning after
Romney’s cynical abortion reversal, and Roberts is a scary prospect
from July 29, 2005

Truth and consequences
Karl Rove is just the tip of the iceberg
from July 22, 2005

London calling
The terror threat is real, it just wasn’t where Bush said it was
from July 15, 2005

Courts of shame
It’s time for the legislature to stop playing politics with justice
from July 8, 2005

Hollow words
Bush fails miserably yet again to justify his misconceived war. Plus, four local congressmen dance to the GOP’s tune.
from July 1, 2005

Granite state of mind
Judd Gregg and John Sununu go MIA on an anti-lynching measure. Plus, Romney’s politicized health plan, and demonizing Durbin.
from June 24, 2005

Hit and run
Citigroup buys itself out of its Enron mess — and Bush’s new SEC chairman will only make things worse
from June 17, 2005

The case for medical pot
Now that the Supreme Court has said no, it’s time for Congress to say yes
from June 10, 2005

Deep Throat's legacy
Mark Felt’s final service to his country may have been in reminding us what journalism is supposed to be for
from June 3, 2005

A wan win
The filibuster compromise is no cause for celebration — but it’s the best deal progressives could get
from May 27, 2005

Target of convenience
The White House blames Newsweek’s erroneous reporting for anti-American violence. Next time, it won’t be so lucky.
from May 20, 2005

Sole music
The first annual Walk for Music is an imaginative, innovative approach to community-based fundraising for the arts
from May 13, 2005

Still wrong
Mitt Romney’s embrace of capital punishment — and Tom Reilly’s craven response — show why progressives must remain vigilant
from May 6, 2005

Judge not
Saving the filibuster is crucial to preserving judicial independence. Plus, the Abu Ghraib fiasco, and the GOP targets your privacy.
from April 29, 2005

A frightening choice
If John Paul was a conservative, Benedict is a narrow-minded reactionary
from April 22, 2005

Cardinal offense
Bernard Law’s re-emergence following the pope’s death shows that the Church has learned nothing. Plus, why DeLay should resign, and Bush’s miserable choice for the UN.
from April 15, 2005

Dubious convictions
The case of Abdul Raheem is further proof that a commission — with real power — is needed to investigate our flawed justice system
from April 8, 2005

Grok this
Artists deserve to be paid — but the entertainment industry’s bid to outlaw innovation is wrong-headed and doomed to fail
from April 1, 2005

Neocon fantasies
Rather than a crusade for democracy, the war in Iraq remains a tragic failure. Plus, exploiting Terri Schiavo.
from March 25, 2005

Justice denied
In Suffolk County, murder cases take months — even years — to come to trial
from March 18, 2005

Two for the House
Progressive voters should unite behind Linda Dorcena Forry and Michael Moran
from March 11, 2005

Romney should resign
If the governor is going to campaign for president by trashing Massachusetts, then he ought to get out — now
from March 4, 2005

School choice
On education funding, the Supreme Judicial Court takes the politically expedient way out
from February 25, 2005

Just say no
Bush’s Social Security plan is a phony solution to a nonexistent problem
from February 18, 2005

After Shanley
A pedophile priest’s conviction can’t wash away the crimes of his protectors in the Church hierarchy
from February 11, 2005

Facing reality
The elections in Iraq, and cartoon politics
from February 4, 2005

God and guns
Bush’s inauguration speech was a declaration of holy war
from January 28, 2005

And now, Iran
Neither repentant nor reflective, the White House takes aim at Iraq’s giant neighbor. Plus, boycotting Bush.
from January 21, 2005

Spitting on our liberties
The Cape Cod DA’s coercive DNA sweep is an outrageous assault on the right to be left alone
from January 14, 2005

Apocalypse now
Bush follows up his pathetic first response to tsunami relief with more missed opportunities. Plus, unwanted controversy for Israel; China reassesses; and how you can help.
from January 7, 2005

Good riddance
The year 2004 will not be missed — but 2005 could be even worse if decent Americans fail to start fighting back
from December 31, 2004

Art confronts politics
The Bush administration is embarrassed into backing away from its censorship of foreign writers. But the battle isn’t over yet.
from December 24, 2004

The Gaiety outrage
Despite community protest, a historic theater appears doomed. Plus, boosting the minimum wage, and why the anti-wind forces are full of hot air.
from December 17, 2004

Insanity defined
The White House continues to pursue its tragically mistaken policies, despite a world of evidence that it’s wrong
from December 10, 2004

The last bulwark
The federal courts continue to defend free expression and personal liberty — but a proposed Republican power grab threatens that
from December 3, 2004

A freer press
The persecution of Providence reporter Jim Taricani shows why we need a federal shield law
from November 26, 2004

Just say no
Why Senate Democrats must stop Alberto Gonzales. Plus, Dan Conley needs to look in the mirror, and the Big Dig is now officially a Republican boondoggle.
from November 19, 2004

While you were out
Politics and war grab our attention. But Yasser Arafat’s imminent demise, and ongoing troubles in Haiti and Cuba, speak to a dangerous world beyond the headlines.
from November 12, 2004

The horror of four more years
A nation divided as it hasn’t been since the Civil War
from November 5, 2004

Policing the police
Victoria Snelgrove’s death was not an isolated event. It’s time to start asking some tough questions about the Boston Police Department.
from November 5, 2004

Kerry for president
The senator is a worthy choice to succeed the dangerous, secretive Bush. Plus, the Phoenix’s choices in legislative races.
from October 29, 2004

An act of judicial courage
Judge Tauro deserves praise for standing up to the US Attorney’s Office. Plus, Sinclair learns the cost of free speech, and Romney to Boston: Drop dead.
from October 22, 2004

Save the Gaiety
Why does Mayor Menino want to destroy a cultural landmark? Plus, the Bush administration’s war against freedom of the press.
from October 15, 2004

Trivial pursuit
John Kerry’s strong debate performance refutes the media’s focus on superficial charges and countercharges
from October 8, 2004

Fresh air
It’s time for Boston University to hold WBUR accountable to the public that supports it. Plus, thoughts on Finneran’s departure.
from October 1, 2004

The real Romney
The ‘reform governor’ vetoes back pay for low-income workers at UMass, even as he grabs millions to fuel his political ambitions
from September 24, 2004

The Powell enticement
Bush’s most popular ally is back in the public eye — once again providing ‘an appearance of reasonableness’ for a president who is anything but
from September 17, 2004

Primary endorsements
Carl Sciortino, Avi Green, and Marty Walz for the legislature; Stephen Murphy for sheriff. Also, marking a tragic milestone, and Bush’s past is catching up with him.
from September 10, 2004

Debasing our culture
The only way out from underneath the Bush administration’s lies, obfuscation, and hate is to vote in November
from September 3, 2004

The crooked cowboy
Bush lies (the saga continues). Plus, misleading the public about criminal justice.
from August 27, 2004

An antiseptic war
As American deaths near the 1000 mark, the horror is covered up with obfuscation, intimidation, and lies
from August 20, 2004

Cover-up in the works
How the appointment of Porter Goss to the CIA makes the world safe for George W. Bush
from August 13, 2004

Bush's fake war on terror
Three-year-old warnings, phony reforms, and a suspiciously timed arrest in Pakistan
from August 6, 2004

Wanted: Leadership
The DNC’s protest pen is an affront to free speech. Plus, the 9/11 Commission’s report.
from July 30, 2004

Talking points
It’s time for leadership from the Democrats
from July 23, 2004

Worse than it looks
The Senate Intelligence Committee lets Bush off the hook. Plus, prison reform gets a boost, and the Republicans seek to intimidate entertainers.
from July 16, 2004

John Edwards
Why he makes sense
from July 9, 2004

Post-DNC depression
Long after the delegates have left town, we could still be paying for the Democratic Convention — in money and in lost liberties
from July 2, 2004

Dept. of injustice
Troubling questions about a convicted child molester’s guilt, and John Ashcroft’s continued depredations, show that our justice system is seriously out of whack
from June 25, 2004

The Church's weak hand
The hierarchy resorts to browbeating its members over gay marriage. Plus, voters should choose the next senator, and Mitt Romney (surprise!) panders on taxes.
from June 18, 2004

Considering Reagan
The 40th president’s place in history
from June 11, 2004

Lying liars
George W. Bush’s re-election campaign is a disgrace. Plus, why we need an innocence commission, and a human-services advocate faces his toughest fight.
from June 4, 2004

Remote control
Bush’s surrealistic, out-of-touch performance Monday night ignored such vital issues as torture, troop strength, and the intrigues of Ahmad Chalabi
from May 28, 2004

A celebration
This week’s same-sex marriages marked a landmark for the state and the nation. Now it’s up to all of us to protect marriage from the likes of George W. Bush and Mitt Romney.
from May 21, 2004

A new report by the ACLU of Massachusetts shows that oppression begins at home
from May 14, 2004

Another bright and shining lie
Thoughts on the horror of Abu Ghraib. Plus, the death penalty springs to life, and cities and towns stand up to Romney on gay marriage.
from May 7, 2004

Doing the right thing
Three cheers for Maura Hennigan. Plus, Mitt Romney is coming unhinged.
from April 30, 2004

Political outrages
Bush’s illusions. Our failure to deal with innocents behind bars. Preserving reproductive rights.
from April 23, 2004

No surprises
Bush blows it. Scalia’s true colors. Romney’s grandstand.
from April 16, 2004

Reform agenda
Mayor Tom Menino must fire Kevin Joyce and audit the Inspectional Services Department. Plus, the state should create an innocence commission to investigate wrongful convictions.
from April 9, 2004

Doing the right thing
News from this week’s ConCon wasn’t all bad. Plus, gay-marriage heroes.
from April 2, 2004

Stop the madness
Just say no to the Red Sox. Plus, more lies from the Bushies, and Sheik Ahmed Yassin’s Osama-like qualities.
from March 26, 2004

One year later
We need a real investigation into the intelligence failures that led to the war in Iraq
from March 19, 2004

The enemy of ideas
George W. Bush and the United States of Idiocy
from March 12, 2004

Don't pass an amendment
Memo to the state legislature: You can’t compromise on civil rights
from March 5, 2004

John Kerry for president
Super Tuesday offers real choices. George W. Bush’s hateful move to amend the Constitution. And Speaker Tom Finneran gets spanked.
from February 27, 2004

Ramping up the culture wars
President Bush’s divisive re-election strategy. Plus, civil rights for all.
from February 20, 2004

Playing with fire
Chuck Turner plays the race card. New top cop’s convention challenge. And the real hypocrite in the presidential-campaign marriage debate.
from February 13, 2004

Fighting indecent acts
Contact your state reps and senators before next week’s legislative vote on an anti-gay-marriage amendment to the Constitution. Plus, FCC chair Michael Powell is offensive.
from February 6, 2004

Righting wrongs
We need an outside commission to examine how wrongful convictions take place. Mitt Romney’s inane idea to block gays from marrying. Plus, a few post–New Hampshire observations.
from January 30, 2004

Vote Kerry in New Hampshire
We endorse John Kerry for the Democratic nomination. Plus, the Catholic Church has crossed the line in the secular debate over civil-marriage rights for same-sex couples. George W. Bush has selective approval for ‘activist’ judges.
from January 23, 2004

Crisis management
Romney acts — finally — to reform and fund the broken state medical examiner’s office. Also, the price of disloyalty in Bush’s White House, and the SJC should stick to its holding on gay marriage.
from January 16, 2004

A crisis of politics
The state budget deficit could be solved if elected officials would only act. Plus, John Kerry must be bold, and Howard Dean must come clean.
from January 9, 2004

Unwarranted secrecy
The Geoghan panel’s findings should be made public. Plus, John Ashcroft’s deadly obsession, and George W. Bush’s popular front.
from January 2, 2004

Reason for hope in 2004
Signs of progress in the Middle East
from December 26, 2003

Where’s Osama?
We’ve got Saddam, but the real threat remains at large. Plus, Romney’s misguided priorities.
from December 19, 2003

The face of the presidential race, Nader’s hubris, and congressional corruption.
from December 12, 2003

The cost of justice
The legislature must override Romney’s court veto. Plus, clean needles to combat AIDS; and the Church’s hypocrisy over same-sex marriage.
from December 5, 2003

Villain of the week
Attorney General Tom Reilly must be held accountable for his shameful call last week for a civil-union bill
from November 28, 2003

Reacting to the SJC’s ruling in three parts
A historical comparison. Showing how the decision strengthens the institution of marriage. And a warning.
from November 21, 2003

Wanted: Genuine respect, sincere gratitude
When it comes to military veterans, George W. Bush says one thing and does quite the opposite
from November 14, 2003

Marriage now
John Rogers’s offer of civil unions for gay and lesbian couples is tempting. But there should be no compromise when it comes to basic civil rights.
from November 7, 2003

Fresh starts
Boston City Council and Somerville mayoral endorsements.
from October 31, 2003

The emperor has no clothes
Pope John Paul II’s silver anniversary inspired overwrought praise from many quarters.
from October 24, 2003

Reefer madness, redux
The war on drugs destroys lives but does nothing to mitigate the abuse of drugs in this country.
from October 17, 2003

The Duo of Dung Radio
John Dennis and Gerry Callahan should be fired.
from October 10, 2003

Bad ideas
Ally’s Law won’t save lives, but the Intensive Parole for Sexual Offenders program will. Plus, the dubious constitutionality of the national do-not-call registry.
from October 3, 2003

Stopping government’s culture of death
John Ashcroft’s death-penalty crusade is misguided and immoral.
from September 26, 2003

Council endorsements
Newcomers invigorate Boston city elections.
from September 19, 2003

Two years later
We’re not safer than we were on 9/11. Bush has made us more vulnerable.
from September 12, 2003

Reality check
Answering lies and half-truths in the gay-marriage debate
from September 5, 2003

Punitive damage
The DOC must be held accountable for John Geoghan’s death. Plus, CORI reform is needed
from August 29, 2003

Energy reform
Bush is playing politics with our power grid
from August 22, 2003

Bulger’s UMass legacy
A record of achievement clouded by a fog of political innuendo
from August 15, 2003

Give wind a chance
A proposed ‘wind park’ off Cape Cod deserves a closer look. Plus, the Episcopalians show why Catholics deserve better, and Romney tries to silence his critics.
from August 8, 2003

Dealing with abuse
What Archbishop O’Malley must do
from August 1, 2003

Justice, Boston-style
Why is a UMass Boston professor facing charges for assaulting a police officer when 12 eyewitnesses say the officer assaulted the professor?
from July 25, 2003

Why Bush is impeachable
The president has lied about so much, not just Iraq
from July 18, 2003

Whacking the poor
Governor Romney’s budget vetoes show his true colors as an elitist out of touch with the role of government
from July 11, 2003

Remedying injustice
Same-sex couples deserve the right of marriage. Plus, Governor Romney’s bad budget.
from July 04, 2003

Making good decisions
Bulger’s fate should rest with the UMass trustees. Plus, AmeriCorps should be fully funded.
from June 27, 2003

Where’s the outrage?
President Bush took the country to war based on half-truths and lies.
from June 20, 2003

Wanted: Palestinian leadership
There will never be peace in the Middle East until Yasser Arafat is gone. Plus, Hillary Clinton is our national Rorschach test.
from June 13, 2003

Ignoring dissent
Congress must do what the FCC refuses to: Regulate media conglomeration.
from June 6, 2003

Being gay in the GOP
Congressman Mark Foley: A model of political hypocrisy and personal cowardice.
from May 30, 2003

Meeting our obligations
Medicaid is at the breaking point. It can’t sustain more budget cuts.
from May 23, 2003

Bungling the job
The Bush administration gives up its search for WMD in Iraq. Plus, a modest proposal to solve the Liberty-Tip tunnel brouhaha.
from May 16, 2003

Justice derailed
Until we prosecute the prosecutors who wrongly convict the innocent, justice will remain illusory
from May 9, 2003

Lending a hand
The AIDS Action Committee is an organization in flux. But it does important work and deserves your support.
from May 2, 2003

The war of ideas
Fighting aggression abroad and repression at home; plus, common sense on Beacon Hill, and Golfgate follies
from April 25, 2003

Governing while incompetent
President Bush presses on with his irresponsible push for tax cuts. Plus, State Senator Brian Lees tries to shake down war protesters.
from April 17, 2003

Rating the governor
After 100 days in office, Governor Romney is failing to make the grade
from April 10, 2003

Take a breather
Don’t get too caught up in minute-by-minute developments. This war and its consequences are still unfolding.
from April 3, 2003

Speaking out
Attempts to squelch dissent from the war in Iraq cheapen public debate
from March 27, 2003

The neo-imperialist
Why George Bush never apologizes and never explains
from March 20, 2003

Station-fire fallout
Ill-considered regulations and greedy lawyers will not make nightclubs safer
from March 13, 2003

Tough questions
Answers don’t come easily to problems facing the nation, state, and city
from March 6, 2003

Artful moves
It’s about more than Shakespeare, dance, or architecture
from February 27, 2003

Tone deaf
Bush’s failure to appreciate — even symbolically — the depth and breadth of international opposition is a political liability
from February 20, 2003

Diplomacy can win out
Give weapons inspections a chance. Plus, Nobel laureates for economic stimulus and stupid judicial decisions.
from February 13, 2003

Budgeting irresponsibly
It’s time for Democrats and Republicans to get serious about the state’s fiscal crisis. Plus, Bush has to be kidding.
from February 6, 2003

Still waiting for the proof
The UN weapons inspectors’ report is just one step in the long march to war
from January 30, 2003

Taking action
Reforming family court. Plus, Senator Kennedy steps up.
from January 23, 2003

Tough times ahead
Tom Menino and Mitt Romney get ready for the fiscal crunch. Plus, media conglomeration doesn’t work.
from January 16, 2003

Class warfare, GOP style
President Bush’s economic plan: Leave no millionaire behind. Plus, Felix Arroyo joins City Council.
from January 9, 2003

It's the economy, stupid
Yes, the state should legalize casino gambling. And no, the state didn’t spend its way into the current budget deficit.
from January 2, 2003

Liar, liar
Governor-elect Mitt Romney has yet to serve a day in office, and he’s already backtracking from campaign promises
from December 26, 2002

Lott's lot
The GOP is taking a hard look at Lott. The Democrats should do the same with Daschle. Plus, Bryon Rushing’s courageous run and the continued injustice of the death penalty.
from December 19, 2002

A morally bankrupt church
The anger and shock remain. But the ongoing clergy sex scandal is truly heartbreaking.
from December 12, 2002

Step Up
Memo to John Kerry: Be bold. Plus, what goes around comes around. Just ask Billy Bulger.
from December 5, 2002

War games
The president’s partisan execution of the war on terrorism is cynicism at its worst
from November 28, 2002

What does Bush fear?
The war against an open society continues
from November 21, 2002

Bad lessons
Free speech under attack at Harvard. Plus, it may be time to put local campaign-finance reform on the back burner.
from November 14, 2002

The Democrats must regroup
Tuesday's elections are a big loss for reformers
from November 7, 2002

Shannon O'Brien for Governor
The state is facing hard times ahead and we need an experienced manager at the helm. Plus, ballot-initiative and legislative endorsements.
from October 31, 2002

Fit for Office
Dan Grabauskas for state treasurer. Eddie Jenkins for Suffolk County district attorney.
from October 24, 2002

Big Brother is Watching
The censorious Menino administration had no business shutting down a drag blackface show. Plus, the proposed smoking ban should be put out.
from October 17, 2002

Where's the proof?
Bush has failed to make the case that war with Iraq will bring us peace. Plus, Mitt Romney’s stomach-turning strategy.
from October 10, 2002

Friendly advice
Shannon O’Brien needs to shore up her relationship with minority voters. Plus, the media consortium must go.
from October 3, 2002

Three things that matter
Reforming the voting process. Stopping Mitt Romney. Supporting the arts.
from September 26, 2002

Shannon O’Brien for governor
The Republicans must be driven from the governor’s office
from September 12, 2002

Wanted: Change on Beacon Hill
Our endorsements for state representatives and senators
from September 5, 2002

Good, bad, and ugly
The state legislature does some good. The Red Sox’ plan to close off Yawkey Way gets worse. Plus, the US military bullies Harvard Law School
from August 29, 2002

Uneasy alliances
In US policy, some of us are more equal than others. CNN "terror tapes" raise questions about reaction to the Pearl video. Plus, kudos to Bob Kraft
from August 22, 2002

Wanted: Fiscal leadership
President Bush deserves some of the blame for our fiscal woes. Shannon O’Brien doesn’t. Also, a good idea from the Boston City Council.
from August 15, 2002

The Sox, the Globe, and the rest of us
Dashed hopes for better neighbors in the Fenway.
from August 8, 2002

A barrel of rotten apples
If Big Business won't look out for the public, the government must do so. Plus, paying off the Clintons, and abusing anti-terrorism law.
from August 1, 2002

Amending the amendment process
It should be harder to change the Massachusetts Constitution
from July 25, 2002

Candidates with vision
Reich on crime and prevention; Steve Grossman's legacy
from July 18, 2002

Closing the Hynes
Boston can’t support two convention centers, but let’s be prudent
from July 11, 2002

Patriotism redefined
Patriotic pride has long been the province of conservatives. It shouldn’t be.
from July 4, 2002

Three good deeds
Bush confronts Arafat. The Supreme Court weakens capital punishment. Birmingham kills an anti-gay measure.
from June 28, 2002

Stale ideas
Rent control will not solve our housing crisis
from June 21, 2002

Business as usual
Business as usual Mitt Romney’s an empty suit, but the Dems are trying to win November’s election on technicalities
from June 14, 2002

Freedom to choose
Why we linked to the video released by Daniel Pearl’s murderers
from June 7, 2002

An overbearing state
The Commonwealth should let the FleetBoston Pavilion stay where it is, give the media continued access to prison inmates, and lay off smokers
from May 30, 2002

Who knew what when?
September 11 intelligence failures must be investigated — and the White House must cooperate
from May 23, 2002

Vision quest
From the House’s stale response to the budget crisis to the reactionary superior-court ruling on gay marriage, state government needs a fresh approach. How about biking to work?
from May 16, 2002

Prosecutorial abuse
US Attorney Michael Sullivan should drop the charges against the Logan 19
from May 9, 2002

Party differences
A short-lived White House proposal on student loans illustrates the importance of partisan politics
from May 2, 2002

Stuck in denial
Despite appearances to the contrary, the Catholic Church has yet to recognize the gravity of the clergy sex-abuse scandal
from April 25, 2002

Populist pursuits
Why is Tom Reilly working to prevent gay and lesbian couples from marrying?
from April 18, 2002

The Vatican is the problem
A deeply conservative hierarchy stymies Catholics who seek change. Is it time for reform, or a new Reformation?
from April 11, 2002

Return to common sense
The intellectual irresponsibility of the left is leading to moral bankruptcy
from April 4, 2002

An elusive peace
In the face of an unraveling Arab summit, the US must intensify its efforts in the Middle East
from March 28, 2002

Swift’s surprise
Now it’s time for Romney to define himself
from March 21, 2002

The Geoghan settlement
Cardinal Law should pay a higher price for his silence
from March 14, 2002

The call to go
A significant voice suggests Cardinal Law take leave; state budget woes; and mugging the First Amendment
from March 7, 2002

The real bar to peace
Palestinians — and indeed most of the Arab world — want to see Israel destroyed
from February 28, 2002

Common sense
The state budget crisis is going to be worse than many think. It’s time for plain speaking.
from February 21, 2002

Finneran’s folly
The House Speaker must stop waging war against the courts
from February 14, 2002

Cardinal Law’s shame
It is time to end the posturing
from February 7, 2002

Shame of the system
Why Enron is business as usual
from January 24, 2002

Reform baseball
Sox sale shows problems with baseball’s antitrust exemption
from January 17, 2002

Who’s on second?
Yes, the state constitution should be changed. But Governor Swift bungled her running-mate choice all on her own.
from January 10, 2002

Sound familiar? The state faces ongoing budget woes, a bloated Big Dig, continuing troubles with Massport, and an ineffectual legislative body in 2002
from January 3, 2002

The Sox sale considered
Local ownership would benefit the team. South Boston is where the new stadium should be built. The new owners don’t deserve corporate welfare. And money will win out over love of the game
from December 20, 2001

There they go again
Don’t be fooled: The Republicans are up to their old tricks
from December 13, 2001

Arafat’s last chance
States that sponsor terrorism must be held responsible
from December 6, 2001

Wanted: political leadership
The messy state budget shows just how weak our political ‘leaders’ are
from November 29, 20011

Information, please
What is President Bush trying to hide?
from November 22, 2001

Deficit politics
Here’s how to balance the state budget without hurting our most vulnerable citizens
from November 15, 2001

Battling insecurity
So now we’re talking about torture? Our newfound need to protect ourselves mustn’t come at the expense of civil liberties.
from November 8, 2001

At the polls
Peggy Davis-Mullen for mayor; Maura Hennigan and Felix Arroyo for citywide councilors. Plus, Somerville and Cambridge endorsements.
from November 1, 2001

Who’s in charge?
Anthrax hysteria is sweeping the US, and our government is ill-equipped to deal with it
from October 25, 2001

Stephen Lynch for Congress
Now, more than ever, we need to send another Democrat to the House
from October 11, 2001

Thoughts on Tuesday’s terrorist attacks
Where was the president? Why did this happen? Have we ever known anything like it?
from September 13, 2001

Cheryl Jacques for Congress
A chance to make history — and a difference
fromSeptember 6, 2001

Business as usual
Mayor Menino’s back-room deals are bad for the city
from August 31, 2001

Law’s failure to lead
The Catholic Church must stop its sleazy defense tactics in sex-abuse cases
from August 24, 2001

Fear of ink
Anti-tattoo regulations in Boston and Somerville violate the free-expression rights of artists and their customers
from August 17, 2001

It’s democracy, stupid
Peace in the Middle East cannot occur until Arab dictatorships are abolished
from August 10, 2001

Feeling the heat

Minority firefighters send Mayor Menino a long-overdue message: It’s time to spur reform by hiring a civilian commissioner
from August 3, 2001

Escalating violence
Where’s the outrage over the death of Genoa protester Carlo Giuliani?
from July 26, 2001

Giving up the ghost
The Red Sox’ Fenway plan is dead. It’s time to stop pretending otherwise.
from July 12, 2001

Blood money
Fidelity must sell its shares in Talisman Energy
from July 5, 2001

Move to the left
A progressive agenda for Ninth Congressional District candidates
from June 28, 2001

Swift kicks butt
The governor’s smart moves on welfare, pollution, and human-service hiring policies mark a refreshing change from the status quo
from June 21, 2001

Indecent proposal
The FCC reaches a new low by censoring an already censored Eminem hit — even as it gives its blessing to greater media concentration
from June 14, 2001

Reopen the search
Why Massachusetts needs a tough, independent inspector general. Plus, Birmingham has the right idea.
from June 7, 2001

Finneran’s puppet
House Ways and Means chairman John Rogers must go
from May 31, 2001

Bush’s America
From his irresponsible tax cut to his assault on the environment, the president is doing the right-wing thing
from May 23, 2001

Legalize medical marijuana
Politicians must catch up with the public will
from May 16, 2001

Birmingham’s opportunity
The Senate president must support Clean Elections funding. Plus, why the Phoenix will call Jane Swift ‘Governor.’
from May 9, 2001

Dirty business
The House’s arrogant vote against Clean Elections must be punished
from May 2, 2001

W.’s hall of shame
In just 100 days, Bush has proven himself to be worse than we ever thought he could be
from April 26, 2001

Block the ban
The Back Bay’s ban on news boxes is an assault on the press
from April 19, 2001

The vision thing
An outdoor amphitheater and fountain are big ideas for the Central Artery surface corridor. Don’t kill them with little questions.
from April 12, 2001

Getting at the truth
What did Cellucci know about the Big Dig overrun scandal?
from April 5, 2001

Disgraceful acts
Cardinal Law must come clean
from March 29, 2001

Free speech at Brown
Student editors deserve praise for standing up to the censorious mob
from March 22, 2001

Rehabilitate — don’t incarcerate
Reforming the Commonwealth’s ‘war on drugs’
from March 15, 2001

Slick politics
Drilling in the Arctic won’t solve the oil crunch. We need an energy policy that works
from March 8, 2001

Fighting death
from March 1, 2001


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