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Cellars by Starlight archive 1998

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Mighty mighty throwdown
The Bosstones rock the Middle East
by Brett Milano
from December 18, 1998

Two faces of local pop

New noise from the Gravel Pit and Buttercup
from December 11, 1998

Scoring a Strike

The return of the Alloy Orchestra
from December 4, 1998

PC or not PC

Rock comps to help kids and a vampire
from November 27, 1998

Color bind

Chuck do their own funk
from November 20, 1998


Derby, Fuzzy, and Skeggie
from November 13, 1998

Blowing in the wind

Letters to Cleo sail on, solo
from November 6, 1998

Pop starts

Baby Ray, the Pills, the Darlings, and Jonathan Richman's missing star
from October 30, 1998

New alliances

Curve of the Earth's fall harvest
from October 23, 1998

Hometown throwdowns

Live Bosstones, Rick Berlin, and Tom Leach
from October 16, 1998

Lost Vegas

Combustible Edison, plus the Sheila Divine
from October 9, 1998

Cult of Ray

BRO brings a Kinks klassic to life
from October 2, 1998

Hellos and goodbyes

Cherry 2000 arrive, Malcolm Travis takes off
from September 25, 1998

Local swingers

Roomful of Blues, Love Dogs, and Bellevue Cadillac
from September 18, 1998


Seľor Happy get sad
from September 11, 1998

Class of '85

Frank Black, Throwing Muses, and Treat Her Right
from September 4, 1998

Second Story

Jennifer Kimball goes solo
from August 28, 1998

No sure bet

Jack Drag go for broke on Dopebox
from August 21, 1998

Auteur! Auteur!

Jesse Peretz's trip from indie rock to indie film
from August 14, 1998

Fingerpickin' good

Mellow Pullman and Six Finger Satellite
from August 7, 1998

Sweet endings

The Flying Nuns break up; Trona lose a member
from July 31, 1998

Love is all around

Anal Cunt get sensitive; plus crooner Brian Evans
from July 24, 1998

The call-up

Red Telephone's major-label moves
from July 17, 1998

Wheat beat

Plus Frank Black, and the Grits
from July 10, 1998

Down country

Jason Hatfield's somber roots
from July 3, 1998

Seeing the Wolf

Plus Moving Targets & a Peer Group event
from June 26, 1998

Don't give it up now

The Lyres are still on fire
from June 19, 1998


The Vic Firecracker Trio, plus Dave Davies
from June 12, 1998

Pregnant pauses

Ramona Silver returns to rock
from June 5, 1998

Dead again

The Pernice Brothers get happy
from May 29, 1998


Boston's battle of the bands marches on
from May 22, 1998

Sweet deal

Velvet Crush escape to LA
from May 15, 1998

Session man

Rounder's Scott Billington
from May 8, 1998

Surf's up

The Strangemen and the Fathoms
from April 31, 1998

Strange crews

Double Dong and Max
from April 24, 1998

Free at last!

Trona stampede to glory
from April 17, 1998

Back to basics

The Shods and the Racketeers
from April 10, 1998

Margin walking

Damon & Naomi; South by Southwest
from April 3, 1998

Pop twists

Fan Modine's Slow Road, Turkish Delight's reunion, Sabot's goth
from March 27, 1998

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