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Review from issue: September 17 - 24, 1998

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Looking for a German-language film about women in prison who form a rock band? Bandits might just be for you. Director Katja von Garnier's second feature -- about the adventures of four women who escape from prison while en route to a command performance at a policeman's ball, then flee the cops while their single rockets to the top of the charts -- maintains enough energy to let you forgive the many clichés. And cliché'd the film is: Bandits borrows heavily from Thelma & Louise, and it suffers from the confess-and-you'll-be-cured shtick. Even so, the English-language original songs (most were written by Jasmin Tabatabai, who plays Luna, the lead singer/armed robber) are infectious and the musical scenes kinetic and fun. This is the kind of movie in which escaped prisoners flee in spike heels, crowds burst into spontaneously choreographed dance numbers, and Heaven involves sequined red dresses. You'll enjoy the chase, even if the murky ending leaves something to be desired. Screens at the Copley Place Sunday, September 20 at 7:30 and 9:15 p.m.

-- Kiersten Conner

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