In one of two interviews with the Phoenix, Whiting said he put in $51,000 toward the purchase, one partner anted up $29,000, and another chipped in $21,000. Asked how his Boston businesses are doing (he says he pays $700 a month in rent on the barber shop at $1000 a month each on the video and sneaker stores), Whiting said, "We're maintaining, you know, like makin' ends meet." Asked how he generated his money, Whiting said, "I went to school and I studied business." And, he said, he started his own small contracting firm in New York. He said he also owns a barber shop, club, and pool hall in New York City. Asked what his income was last year, Whiting said, "One hundred twenty thousand dollars."

Phoenix: "You paid your taxes, right?"

Whiting: "No. This is my first year for taxes. This is my first year...."

Phoenix: "But you made 120K from when?"

Whiting: "No, this is my statement now. This is my salary now. In other words, this is my first-year expected salary. In other words, from the business I have opened now, that's how much money, by July, I will have made: $120,000."

Phoenix: "What did you make last year?"

Whiting: "Nothin'. I didn't file returns last year."

Phoenix: "Won't they get you for that?"

Whiting: "For what? I didn't have no business last year. I didn't have no money last year."

Whiting envisions Crown Social & Recreation Hall, at 48 Geneva, as a multi-functional facility "designed to enhance the livelihood and growth of the community" through a schedule of aerobic and disco dancing, music and recording, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, basketball, softball, racketball, handball, soccer, volleyball, ping-pong, tennis, roller-skating, roller hockey, pool, and video and arcade games. Some of the activities are already in gear. Whiting plans to have Crown Limo deliver ace entertainers to his club.

In January Whiting applied to the Licensing Board for the city of Boston for a common victualer's license and a license for two coin-operated pool tables. He also petitioned the Mayor's Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing for an entertainment license.

The move even raised eyebrows among cops, who know Whiting as a man in no short supply of chutzpah. "If Darryl pissed in the fucking wind, by the time he told it he would have pissed in Hurricane Gilbert and his piss would have went in a straight fucking line," says one Boston cop.

At a January 24 licensing-board hearing, Boston Police Sergeant Detective Paul Crossen testified that he was amazed by Whiting's latest move. "When I first heart that Darryl Whiting--or Ronald Green, or Darryl Aps, or Darryl Eps, or Whiting Herald, or Ronald Bright, whatever he uses for a name today, it doesn't matter, kids call him Raw over at the Orchard Park project--I laughed, literally, when I heard he wanted to open up a club to do good for the kids in Roxbury. It's a joke." Crossen testified that he was prohibited by the Criminal Offender Record Information Act from revealing Whiting's record. But he allowed: "I can tell you this. It's perhaps one of the most humourous things that he's tried to do so far.... Raw's got a street reputation that would turn your hair gray."

Crossen declined comment about Whiting to the Phoenix.

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    Mr. Darryl Whiting, 34-year-old president of Corona Enterprises, was late for his nine o'clock appointment. The assemblage waiting on Whiting got so nudgy they had him paged. No show.
  •   THE ADDICTED CITY  |  April 03, 2008
    This article originally appeared in the April 1, 1988 issue of the Boston Phoenix.

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