Throughout the 1980s, Whitey had been profiting off Southie's cocaine epidemic by extorting the neighborhood's biggest dealers. By 1988 there was only one local dealer who wasn't in line — an ex-fighter named Red Shea. Shea was summoned to a building on Old Colony Avenue. As soon as he was brought down to the basement, Bulger soldier Kevin Weeks pulled a machine gun, and Whitey stepped out of the shadows. By the end of the night, Shea was a lieutenant in Whitey's new drug operation. Cocaine is harder to come by in Southie these days, but you can get a legal buzz at the local franchise of the Stadium Sports Bar & Grille nearby. More than a dozen flat screens line the periphery of the sprawling front room; pool sharks disappear to the equally expansive back room for a few rounds. You can order a Sam Adams Brick Red to wash down the oversized serving of mussels marinara, and play a pool game or two if you're feeling luckier than the poor sap Whitey shook down a few blocks away.

Stadium Bar & Grille, 232 Old Colony Ave :: 617.269.5100

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