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Letters to the Boston editor, April 11, 2008

I will readily agree with most of 2008’s “100 Unsexiest Men of the Year” list. And I give you serious props for listing all-time douche Roger Clemens at the number-one slot, as well as for giving Tom Cruise, Tom Brady, and other unsavories their, uh, “due.” However, I must strongly disagree with two of your selections, in particular numbers 38 and 42. Based on the criteria of “wretched behavior” and “flawed character” (if this was on looks alone, I’d raise no protest), I don’t see how you can lump Hulk Hogan and Gene Simmons into a list that contains creatures of filth like Michael Vick. In the case of Hogan, you base your selection of the man on what is pretty much a tabloid story about him having relations with his daughter’s best friend. I have no reason to accuse a man who was a great role model to millions of kids in the 1980s and ’90s of slipping the nookie to his daughter’s BFF. This all sounds to me like the work of a vindictive, estranged wife who wants a piece of her husband’s money at any cost, even if it means having her kids come up with bullshit stories. Come on, guys. Hulk Hogan — HULK HOGAN — sharing a list with Dubya? Were you guys fans of “Macho Man” Randy Savage growing up, or what?

Second, Gene Simmons. Okay, he may be unabashedly arrogant, and he may be a lecherous type who makes no bones of his love for cash and chasing tail. I ask you: when did being honest about your love for the things all men desire make someone a candidate for being “wretched” or “flawed”? Personally, I believe if the guy was parading as a crusader against immorality, like a certain former New York governor, and not being up front with people about who he is, he’d be up for candidacy. In my view, he’s guilty of being a hard-working guy who loves to find new ways to be successful, on top of the 35 years he has with KISS, a legendary band the Phoenix has notoriously never had much love for. Seems to me like you can’t look past all the banter and see what he is underneath it all: a kid who came to America unable to speak a word of English, dirt poor, and achieved the dream. If that makes him “unsexy,” I wanna be unsexy, too.

Skylar King

I agree completely with your assessment that Clinton fatigue is what is driving many to urge her to drop out. At least I assume that’s what your “Clinton Fatigue” article  stated. The truth is, I didn’t read it. Like millions of people worldwide, I’m generally fatigued, wiped out by, sick of, and altogether exhausted by all things Clinton — including your constant (and whiny) pro-Hillary writing.

I’m 41 years old and have never seen a general presidential election ballot that didn’t have the name Bush or Clinton on it. Too bad if Hillary has to suffer for our fatigue — seeking change actually means you’re after something different!

Jesse Putnam
Seattle, Washington

The state and federal lawsuits challenging the BU biolab involve the National and Massachusetts Environmental Policy Acts, not Protection Acts, as an article in this past week’s Phoenix stated.

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