I remember when...

(Or at least I think I do)
By MARC SHEPARD  |  September 16, 2009



It's been a while, and I've been here for all of it. These moments are what I remember best, and what I wish there was more evidence of. But I'm probably more glad than upset that there wasn't a video camera for most of it.

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Wednesday, September 15, 1999

Portland Phoenix launch party at David's in Monument Square. The first ever Phoenix party was a beast. Time and unlimited access to my boss's bar tab make the details hazy, but I remember an endless flow of unbelievable food pouring from the kitchen and bartenders frantically tracking down shot glasses as soon as they were emptied in order to re-fill them for the next person in line. The flood of people raised the temperature inside to sauna level (which was bad news for the band of unsuspecting co-workers from the Boston Phoenix who showed up in full business suits).

WISH THERE WAS A YOUTUBE VIDEO OFPhoenix founder, chairman, and CEO Stephen Mindich sitting outside David's, trading war stories with Portland bar owners and managers late into the night. Loud, uncensored, and painfully honest, a perfect preamble to the next ten years of the Phoenix in Portland.

Thursday, September 16, 1999

The day after. A day that began much too early for everyone as we took to the streets, distributing the first issue of the Portland Phoenix by hand all over downtown Portland. What made this event so memorable was the one Phoenix sales rep who stumbled into Monument Square about an hour late, and obviously still drunk. Grabbing a bundle of papers and staggering into the square with all the grace of a blindfolded zombie, this poor wretch lasted about 30 seconds before collapsing on the stone base of the monument and puking all over it for a remarkably long time.

WISH THERE WAS A YOUTUBE VIDEO OF The intern who went to help the vomiting sales rep, only to end up throwing up herself.

Friday, May 19, 2000

The Very First Portland Best Music Poll Festival. Veruca Salt, Colepitz, 6gig, and Shufflin' Tremble at The Asylum; Lincolnville, Hawthorne, The Troubles, and Jerks of Grass at the old Stonecoast Brewing Company (the current location of the Phoenix office!). I knew we were in for a long night when I got a call from the Asylum asking that someone come and remove our receptionist from the downstairs bathroom, where she had decide to sleep for the night. It was 7 pm. The first of many parties where I arrived at the Asylum the next day to find booking agent Joel Marquis asleep under a table.

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