Revenge of the Idiots

Letters to the Boston editor, January 29, 2010
By BOSTON PHOENIX LETTERS  |  January 27, 2010

To my fellow Massachusetts Democrats: please don’t blame Martha Coakley for this shocking defeat. The entity most deserving of blame is a group I’m dubbing the Idiot Majority. We already knew they existed in some other parts of this nation, but now the cancer of their cynicism has spread to the Bay State. Prepare yourselves; if it can happen here, it can happen anywhere, nationwide. A Sarah Palin presidency might not be so far-fetched after all.

The knee-jerk, reactionary cowards who just elected Scott Brown to the US Senate, aiming to deliver a fatal blow to our president’s agenda, are the worst example of spineless, fickle, head-in-the-sand know-nothings in memory. It’s certainly a wake-up call to learn that we have “patriots” like this in our midst.

Is this not a progressive state? Hadn’t we just escaped, finally, from eight years of Republican blunders, eight years of Bush-Cheney, eight years of wasteful military spending, with a bogus war that has threatened to bankrupt the nation? Didn’t we just band together to drive the rascals from office in November 2008, declaring our commitment to hope and change?

Yet now, not even a full year into President Obama’s first term, this shortsighted Idiot Majority has declared, “Stop, this is too hard! Take us back, Bush-Cheney-Romney! We’re afraid of the unknown! Obama hasn’t delivered instant prosperity, so let’s go right back to the old ways! Give us a government that will cut taxes while ‘keeping America safe,’ continue to provide all the programs we’re used to, improve the lousy government services we depend on, and do it all without using my hard-earned bucks to pay for it!”

Good luck to all of you Brown supporters out there: every once in a while, people get the government they deserve.

Richard Feinberg

Regarding David S. Bernstein’s online-only political analysis, “How Brown Won”: you don't think Scott Brown’s election had anything to do with the chance to exact revenge on Barack Hussein Obama by ignorant people who still can't accept that he is president?

How about the fact that for one year straight all we've ever heard from the "loyal opposition," including the former vice-president, and expounded by the media often unchallenged, is that everything the president and his party stands for is not only wrong, it's anti-American? Keep saying things, no matter how outrageous they are, and enough people begin to believe it. To wit, death panels, tax increases, and the notion that America was never attacked by terrorists during the Bush/Cheney years. Finally, add to that the fact that Senator Kennedy, was absolutely hated in some circles here in the commonwealth; for them, this was one last chance to stick it to him.

Sure, Brown stuck to his message, was handled well and all that, but to me this will always be known as the "revenge" election.

Brian Condron

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