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Rock school (continued)

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Q: Was that refreshing?

A: Itís great. I mean, weíre all lovers of English rock. To go there and have our first gig there was something that will stand out forever. NME was there, and that was such a big deal to us. And weíre playing in places where Blur and Oasis started playing. We were just so excited.

Q: Once things got cooking over there, you had to move the buzz back over to the States. Did you have a plan?

A: We didnít know what was gonna happen. NME decided to do a feature on us, and that was all it took. You open it up and there was this whole Killers thing, and that was all it was. Then we came home and it was just like, "Who didnít want to sign us?" It was really strange.

Q: It just took that one story?

A: It was the one story, thatís all it was. We put out an EP and they sold out really quickly. So all of a sudden it was this huge buzz.

Q: When youíre inside it, is that sort of buzz an exciting thing or a stressful thing?

A: Iíve always just been happy when any of it happens. Thereís so many people that are looking for the bad in everything: "Oh, thereís hype about you." "I donít wanna have this hype." A lot of bands donít ever get that; a lot of bands donít ever get out of their garage or out of their bars. Somebodyís talking about you, and we took advantage of it. It made us want to live up to it and to beat it and to make them believers, you know?

Q: When during this time did you settle down to make the album?

A: The weird part about the album was that when we were trying to shop it to American labels, we were making demos. We went to San Francisco to do that with the A&R guy who ended up being our manager; he knew this guy that had a studio. And then we worked out a deal with them where we would record at the studio and they would help shop it and blah blah blah. So we did three songs, and then Warner Bros. said, "Okay, these are great." It was "Mr. Brightside," "Jenny Was a Friend of Mine," and something else, I forget what it was. And they said, "These are great, do three more." So we did "Somebody Told Me," "Smile like You Mean It," and then they said, "Okay, these are all right, but we need three more." So we only had to record three more songs or something to finish the album. We just used those demos. It was already pretty much done. Iím glad, because there wouldíve been a lot of pressure with all the people talking about, "What are they gonna do?"

Q: The album doesnít sound like a bunch of demos.

A: A lot of people think itís overproduced, but itís just us doing it. I would like some parts to be a little more stripped-down when I look at it, but Iím happy with it.

Q: Are you comfortable with the touring life? Is it something you can deal with?

A: Yeah, Iím getting used to it. Iím getting tired now. Itís been over a year and half since weíve been touring. We love Hot Fuss, but I think weíre all ready to kiss it goodbye. Weíre looking forward to making the next record. I always have much more fun in the studio than on stage or on the road.

Q: Why is that?

A: I donít know. Thatís just where I feel most alive, I guess. The excitement of whatís gonna happen, I could get up at six every day. I love it.

Q: Are you guys able to write on the road?

A: Yeah, weíve got a ton of ideas, a few that are done. Iím hoping itíll come in around 10 songs. Weíve probably got four or five that are really done, that weíre happy with.

Q: Is it more difficult to turn that part of your brain on when youíre in the middle of a tour?

A: For me, I donít think Iíll ever stop. Because Iím nervous about it. I donít think you can . . . well, some people can ó people like Jack White. I talked to him once and he hardly had anything written, and then a month later the album came out. And thereíll be three hits on it. Itís unreal. I think weíre more worrywarts. The second this next albumís done, Iím gonna be thinking about the next one and starting to write. Itís not just about being prolific; itís about getting better and better.

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Issue Date: June 3 - 9, 2005
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