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The best of the rest
Six must-see video blogs

MORE: I like to watch - Video blogging is ready for its close-up. BY MIKE MILIARD

Videos require Quicktime. Click here to download.

90 Seconds of Dave
"Welcome to my ongoing experiment in micro media," writes Dave Huth. "Iím translating ideas, moments, and bits of my life into 90-second chunks of video." Theyíre worth watching.

Itís Jerry Time!
Something like American Splendor sprung to life, Massachusetts resident Jerry Zuckerís deadpan voiceovers, set to music and animated in cut-out style by his brother Orrin, are true stories from the life of a schlimazel. There are only two monthly episodes so far ó one about an inhospitable restaurant, one about a very bad landlord ó but we canít wait for January.

Living with the Fallas
"Hi, welcome to the vlog version of our life." Juan and Ximena Falla moved from Colombia to LA, and this charming bilingual video blog is their way of documenting the differences in their new country ó and showing the folks back home life (and love) American-style.

"Hello, and good Monday! Iím Amanda Congdon and this is Rocketboom." Who needs a morning paper when you can start with a three-minute burst of news, culture, arts, and technology delivered right to your screen? Andrew Baronís low-cost show is justifiably one of the Webís most popular, with more RSS subscribers than any other video blog.

Ryanneís Video Blog
"Iíve been videoblogging for one year today," wrote Ryanne Hodson on November 29, introducing a moving and stroboscopic clip looking back on a yearís worth of posts. "This medium has changed my life. If one year ago you told me all the things I would accomplish, all the people that I would meet and collaborate with, I would not have believed you. I canít wait to see what the next year brings. More vloggers, more Nodes, more communication, more love!"

Tiki Bar TV
When Steve Jobs launched the video iPod, he showed a clip from this randy and bibulous tribute to lounge culture. Before long, it was the top video podcast on iTunes.

Issue Date: December 16 - 22, 2005
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