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Waiting in the wings
Democratic presidential hopefuls will be facing the first election drenched in foreign-policy issues in over 20 years. Whom are they turning to for advice?
from April 17, 2003

In the wings
As Bush’s war begins to show signs of its leader’s incompetence, we have to wonder what the front-running Democratic presidential candidate might say about it on the campaign trail
from April 3, 2003

Not so fast
Pre-war optimism missed an essential reality: War is hell
from March 27, 2003

Party boy
To succeed as governor, Mitt Romney must build up the moribund state Republican Party. Is the patrician politician ready to make such a concerted personal effort?
from February 27, 2003

After the war
Will Bush’s promise of democracy for Iraq be kept?
from March 20, 2003

Urban fight
Military takes lessons from Mogadishu, Chechnya, Jenin
from February 20, 2003

Finneran funk
House Speaker Tom Finneran rules Beacon Hill with an iron fist, but there are signs he may be losing his grip
from February 13, 2003

Primary school
The New Hampshire primary is the first crucial test of the 2004 campaign, and would-be Democratic presidents are already working to go to the head of the class
from February 6, 2003

Getting things done
Mitt Romney has come into the governor’s office to do something that hasn’t been done in at least a decade: Govern
from January 30, 2003

Flirting wtih disaster
Brash and controversial, former US representative Cynthia McKinney could lead the Green Party to prominence in 2004 — or right over a cliff
from January 23, 2003

Don't underestimate Mr. Pothole
Our notoriously workaday mayor may just have a vision for the city — and for his own political survival
from January 16, 2003

Gang of Two?
The parallels between 1991 and 2003 are striking, but there’s a world of difference between the politics of the Weld and soon-to-be Romney administrations
from January 2, 2003

Power boy
With Karen Hughes’s departure, Karl Rove became more powerful than ever in 2002
from December 26, 2002

Howard's end run
In his presidential bid, Vermont governor Howard Dean hopes to bridge the gulf between New England and the Western states, and bypass the socially conservative South. Should John Kerry be worried?
from December 19, 2002

Bulger's denouement
Although William Bulger took the Fifth, the indignities he suffered during and after his brief moments on the witness stand signal the end of an era of Irish-Catholic dominance in state politics
from December 12, 2002

Robo ghost
In spite of all his retooling efforts, Al Gore remains haunted by his past
from December 5, 2002

Bloody Tuesday
Voters to political progressives: Drop dead.
from November 7, 2002

Gauging a terrible loss
When Senator Paul Wellstone died, the tiny liberal-progressive-populist wing of the Democratic Party sustained a mighty blow. Let’s hope it wasn't fatal.
from October 31, 2002

Out of Focus
In the final dash to Election Day, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Shannon O’Brien champions gay rights. Is that what suburban-independent voters want?
from October 24, 2002

Master of the Game
William Galvin's Power Play
from October 24, 2002

Do you believe this man?
Mitt Romney has tried so hard to downplay his background that he’s obscured his strengths
from October 17, 2002

Lieberman makes 'em laugh
from October 17, 2002

Romney injects war into the governor’s race
Mitt’s latest disguise: All-American militia man
from October 10, 2002

Mitt and Rudy
Romney’s no Giuliani
from October 10, 2002

Bush stumps for Romney
The president is raising $1 million for Mitt Romney this week. What does he hope to gain in exchange?
from October 03, 2002

How long would Romney serve?
You can believe Romney when he says he won’t leave before 2006. That’s because a 2008 presidential run is more likely.
from September 26, 2002

This Just In
Reich as spoiler?
from September 19, 2002

This Just In
The faithful reject Romney
from September 12, 2002

Hillary’s rise to power
After just two years of elective office, Senator Hillary Clinton is becoming a political kingmaker
from September 12, 2002

This Just In
Romney’s running scared
from September 5, 2002

Apathy at the polls
The great myth of increased political participation as a result of 9/11 is just that — a myth
from September 5, 2002

This Just In
Voting Records
from August 29, 2002

This Just In
Green around the gills, part 2
from August 22, 2002

Final countdown
He's down in the polls and facing daunting odds - but that isn't stopping Senate president and would-be governor Tom Birmingham from showing voters his moves
from August 22, 2002

This Just In
Gore (no, not that one) comes to town

from August 15, 2002

Q: What election is worth $50 billion?
A: The race for state treasurer. If that job is arguably the second-most powerful on Beacon Hill, why isn’t anyone paying attention?
from August 8, 2002

Gore MIA in New Hampshire
Granite State locals wonder where’s the former veep? What’s his low profile portend?
from August 1, 2002

Robert Reich’s guerrilla campaign
The candidate is running circles around his opponents by relying on young volunteers, taking huge risks, and speaking directly to the people
from July 25, 2002

Deadly force
Tragedy prompts Menino to admit Boston has a crime problem
from July 18, 2002

Snappy comeback
Senator John Edwards could be the Clinton of the 2004 New Hampshire primary
from July 11, 2002

Bush III
In both politics and style, Mitt Romney has more in common with the current occupant of the White House than most Bay Staters acknowledge
from July 4, 2002

Heil hate!
The reflowering of anti-Semitism
from June 28, 2002

Clash of the titans
Will an Al Gore–Richard Gephardt presidential-primary fight ruin the Democrats in 2004?
from June 13, 2002

Independents’ day
By nominating gubernatorial candidate Shannon O’Brien, the state Democratic convention acknowledged the importance of suburban-independent voters — and set up the party for a watershed primary
from June 6, 2002

Un-conventional wisdom
How can the Democrats attract enough independent professional-managerial suburban voters to win the governor’s race next fall?
from May 30, 2002

The year of living painfully
Bay State budget cuts promise hard choices and civic suffering. Nevertheless, State House pols continue to play fiscal games.
from May 16, 2002

Quiet ... too quiet
If Democratic front-runner Shannon O’Brien doesn’t deliver her message soon, somebody else — like the media or the Romney campaign — could do it for her
from May 9, 2002

Hobson’s choice
Senate president and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Birmingham finds himself between the rock of his commitment to education reform and the hard place of overseeing budget cuts
from May 2, 2002

Can the Green Party make the cut?
Riding the wave that Nader rode in the Bay State won’t be easy
from April 25, 2002

Wake-up call
Mitt Romney’s speech to the state GOP suggests a campaign strategy that raises the bar — in style, if not substance — for Democrats
from April 11, 2002

Joe Lieberman sticks his toe in
On a recent visit to New Hampshire the former VP candidate equated a strong defense with a robust economy. Is he right or ‘Right’?
from March 28, 2002

Today's Jolt
How Cardinal Law and Tooky Amirault sank Swift
web exclusive from March 26, 2002

Today's Jolt
Dems welcome Romney
web exclusive from March 22, 2002

Today's Jolt
Sins of Saddam
web exclusive from March 21, 2002

Mr. Lynch goes to Washington
South Boston’s rookie congressman is wary of a waterfront ballpark, interested in Cuba, and involved with big steel
from March 21, 2002

Today's Jolt
Swift kick
web exclusive from March 19, 2002

The Speaker’s choice
Self-interest may tempt Tom Finneran to back weakling Jane Swift for governor, but reality favors his supporting Shannon O’Brien
from March 14, 2002

Political odds
Handicapping the governor’s race
from March 7, 2002

Al Sharpton for president?
He will spark controversy, but could also inflict pain on Democratic frontrunners
from February 28, 2002

Bankrupting justice
The Clean Elections controversy and the tightening budget crunch could spark a constitutional crisis between the state legislature and the court system
from February 21, 2002

Battle for New England
Presidential hopefuls Kerry, Lieberman, and Dean vie for regional favor. Will a winner emerge, or will they cancel each other out?
from February 14, 2002

Frequent-flier Menino
Is Menino following in the third-term footsteps of Kevin White and Ray Flynn, or can his forays outside Boston help the city?
from February 7, 2002

Today's Jolt
All the Reich moves
from February 7, 2002

Today's Jolt
Savor the moment
from February 5, 2002

Dreaming of Romney
Swift’s weak poll numbers have the GOP nervous and the Democrats hopeful. Whether she cuts taxes or services, it could hurt the governor as much as the poor.
from January 31, 2002

Today's Jolt
State of the Union: Split dynamic
from January 30, 2002

Today's Jolt
Bledsoe’s odyssey
from January 28, 2002

Tom Birmingham: The new image versus the old pol
Can the Senate president follow Nixon, Dukakis, and Clinton in crafting a new look, or will his office drag him down?
from January 24, 2002

Today's Jolt
G.W. Bush = Ken Lay
from January 24, 2002

Today's Jolt
Game theory
from January 22, 2002

Power couple
Tom Menino has something Larry Summers wants: control over development in Allston. And Summers has something Menino wants: the money to develop Crosstown.
from January 17, 2002

This Just In
Swift’s speech; Weld’s legacy
from January 16, 2002

This Just In
Birmingham will be tough to beat
from January 14, 2002

Grossman vs. Reich
Can either ‘outsider’ woo the Democratic faithful in the race for governor?
from January 14, 2002

Let the games begin
A political roadmap to the Democratic Party’s run-up to the 2002 gubernatorial race
from January 3, 2002

Playing the Numbers
Is the Big Dig headed for another billion-dollar overrun? Turnpike authorities say yes. The governor says no. Who’s right?
from December 6, 2001

A candidate with a conscience

Gubernatorial hopeful Warren Tolman bets on the Clean Elections Law
from November 29, 2001

The new New Boston?
Under the new Senate redistricting plan, the seat from South Boston will become minority-majority. Is an ugly racial campaign in Boston’s not-too-distant future?
from November 22, 2001

Collateral damage
Beacon Hill’s failure to fully fund the Clean Elections Law may torpedo the Democrats’ best chance of ending 12 years of GOP gubernatorial rule
from November 8, 2001

Who Will Take the Fall?

The state budget deficit is $1 billion and counting. The last time this happened, voters brought in a new administration and sent state legislators packing.
from November 1, 2001

For Richer or for Poorer?

Will Boston still love Menino in hard times?
from October 13, 2001

Parochial Politics
Gary Condit’s affair with missing intern Chandra Levy is big news everywhere in the country except Boston. What gives?
from September 6, 2001

Silent Tom
It’s the guessing game of the summer: Who’s Mayor Menino supporting in the Ninth Congressional District race? Why is ironworker-turned-senator Stephen Lynch the Ninth District candidate of the downtown power crowd?
from August 31, 2001

This Just In
Pushing his issues
from August 23, 2001

Heavy metal
Why is ironworker-turned-senator Stephen Lynch the Ninth District candidate of the downtown power crowd?
from August 17, 2001

Meehan versus Tierney
It’s a race many Democrats don’t want to think about, let alone talk about. A contest between two incumbents for the proposed Sixth Congressional District would be a mess.
from August 9, 2001

So you want to be the governor?
The Democrats planning to run in 2002 better start to look lively, or Jane will make Swift work of them
from August 2, 2001

Divide and be conquered
Ninth Congressional District candidates Brian Joyce and Cheryl Jacques have a lot in common — perhaps too much. Will either one have the sense to get out of the race before splitting the progressive vote?
from July 26, 2001

The emperor has no clothes
Tom Finneran’s new congressional lines are just as gerrymandered as before, and don’t even create a minority-majority district
from July 19, 2001

It’s the turnout, stupid
Who will win the Ninth? Signs are pointing toward Stephen Lynch, who has a core base of support in South Boston.
from July 12, 2001

A challenger’s checklist
How to run for president when the election’s three years away
from July 5, 2001

This Just In
From left to right
from June 28, 2001

Southie versus the suburbs
For all the fuss made about South Boston in the Ninth Congressional District, the neighborhood is losing its clout. The heart of the district now lies in West Roxbury
from June 21, 2001

Looking left
With Max Kennedy out of the race for the Ninth, socially liberal voters aren’t sure where to turn
from June 14, 2001

Dukakis’s ghost
The Democrats got some old-time religion at their state issues convention. But will their prayers for the governor’s office be answered?
from June 7, 2001

Man of the world
Joe Moakley cared as much about justice in San Salvador as about jobs in South Boston
from May 31, 2001

Preventable Blunders
Max Kennedy’s press problem
from May 24, 2001

Jane Swift’s comeback
Just five weeks into her administration, Swift has made decisive moves on voter-friendly issues. How did her inexperienced team turn her from the butt of jokes into a bona fide governor?
from May 17, 2001

Team Kennedy
Max Kennedy is untested and inexperienced, yet he’s considered the leading candidate to replace Congressman Joe Moakley — the second-most-powerful Bay Stater in Washington, after Max’s uncle Ted
from May 10, 2001

Family connections
A crop of Kennedys are running for office this year. Plus, Bush’s foreign-policy gaffe and Mayor Menino’s outreach.
from May 3, 2001

West Wing
John Kerry’s chances for the White House
from April 26, 2001

Get tough
The recent China crisis should teach us what we failed to learn from Tiananmen Square: You can’t negotiate with people who violate human rights
from April 12, 2001

Golden fleecing
Budget overruns, design cuts, questionable viability — should Mayor Menino scrap the South Boston convention center?
from April 5, 2001

The senator’s dilemma
On Clean Elections, Senate president Tom Birmingham is caught between a rock and a hard place
from March 22, 2001

New kids on the block
Will Moakley’s retirement, Lynch’s quest for higher office, and a shifting population bring a new era in Southie politics?
from March 15, 2001

Compassionate iconoclasm
Harvard Law professor Mary Ann Glendon, author of a new book about Eleanor Roosevelt, is on George W. Bush’s short list to be named to the UN Commission on Human Rights — a position first held by ER
from March 8, 2001

The Hub’s Hamlet
Joe Kennedy looks like a candidate, walks like a candidate, and sounds like a candidate. So is he a candidate?
from February 16, 2001

The shadow knows
Who knows what philosophy will drive Bush's foreign policy?
from February 2, 2001

The blue collar and the blue blood
Ray Flynn and Robin Moore seem worlds apart, but they've formed a fruitful writing partnership. Their success has as much to do with a changing political climate as it does with the stories they have to tell.
from January 18, 2001

Run, Tom, run!
House Speaker Tom Finneran is probably the only pol in the city who could give Mayor Tom Menino a good fight. Finneran says he won't run -- but city politicos would like nothing better.
from January 11, 2001

The domino theory
Next year will bring a rarity in Massachusetts politics: lots of job openings
from January 4, 2001

Litigation nation
In 2000, everyone discovered that the legal system is politics as usual
from December 28, 2000

The little referee
If George W. Bush thinks getting elected was hard, just wait until
he has to resolve clashes between his powerful advisers

from December 21, 2000

Filling the void
Bob Durand is the state's point man on waterfront negotiations. But whose vision is he pushing? The governor's, or his own?
from December 8, 2000

Prosperity's thin veneer
Signs are mounting that the long economic expansion may be slowing -- or worse. That could spell trouble for local political leaders. Is the public ready for tough choices? .
from November 30, 2000

The Mod Squad
With Congress split down the middle, New England's block of moderate senators will be more influential than ever .
from November 17, 2000

Gridlock and its discontents
It's fitting that our long national whine ends in Florida - the home state of Elián fanatics, suburban sprawl, rednecks, self-obsessed geezers, and overseas military personnel who vote by absentee ballot. .
from November 10, 2000

A one-term wonder
Neither Al nor George W. has staying power. Here's who looks good for 2004 .
from October 27, 2000

Clinton's ambition, Arafat's war
Clinton's zeal for a Nobel Peace Prize has brought the Middle East to the brink of war. Neither presidential candidate has what it takes to undo the damage.
from October 13, 2000

Back to the future
In their pursuit of votes, the candidates have made more appearances than ever on the chat-show circuit. But this election may hinge on something more old-fashioned: labor support.
from October 6, 2000

Debating JFK
Tuesday's debate takes place in the shadow of JFK's legacy. Al Gore, George W. Bush, and Kennedy have much in common, but this year's candidates pale in comparison to the real thing.
from September 28, 2000

Cheney's corporate past
Critics charge that the would-be VP ran a racist, oppressive company
from September 22, 2000

Finneran's wake?
Some state representatives up for re-election this fall are finding their relationship to the controversial House Speaker a hot issue on the campaign trail.
from September 15, 2000

McCain lite
The key to Gore's success? John McCain. Bush has failed to capitalize on McCain's blueprint for success with swing voters -- so Gore co-opted the issues.
from September 8, 2000

Under suspicion
The CIA's religious profiling comes under scrutiny. Plus, the presidential candidates' bogus military debate, and Gore's weak New Hampshire operation.
from August 31, 2000

Playing the faith card
Al Gore's pick of Senator Joseph Lieberman as his running mate has profound implications for American political life -- and for America's Jewish community
from August 11, 2000

Free to be the GOP
Despite the right-wing butt-kissing, the Bush-Cheney ticket marks the party's return to its roots: Big money and big business
from August 4, 2000

Virtual Dems
The Democrats have a secret contingency plan for convention protests
from July 29, 2000

It's not easy being Green
As the national Greens draw more attention than ever, a radical wing threatens to split the movement.
from July 21, 2000

Green Party gets serious
Intent on becoming a viable third party, the Greens are supplementing their grassroots efforts with a dose of political savvy
from June 30, 2000

Fenway follies
A new book questions public financing of sports stadiums, and Menino's choice of lunch pals raises a question: Will the Sox relocate to Suffolk Downs? Plus, more foreign-policy woes for Bush and Gore.
from June 16, 2000

Foreign object
President Clinton has made a mess of international affairs. Is either candidate up to the job of forging a strong foreign policy?
from June 9, 2000

The golden GOP
Bush is making inroads into California. Plus, Rick Lazio's superficial appeal, and a plan by Central Massachusetts lawmakers to foul up Fenway financing
from June 2, 2000

Birmingham's boy wonder
State Senator Mark Montigny could be a contender
from April 27, 2000

Are local Republicans determined to fail?
Sure looks that way. Even slickster Bill Weld won't talk about it.
from April 14, 2000

Who would Bush appoint to the Supreme Court?
George W.'s Texas track record suggests that his appointees would be (what a surprise!) conservatives
from April 7, 2000

Making the rounds
Tom Birmingham makes a pitch for education. Plus, a money man from Medford travels overseas with President Clinton, Boston indulges in St. Patrick's Day high jinks, and Pat Buchanan visits Harvard.
from March 24, 2000

Is Grossman our next governor?
The former DNC bigwig has been crisscrossing the state to meet political activists. Some say he's laying the groundwork for a gubernatorial run.
from March 17, 2000

Going south
George W. Bush has strong Latino support in Texas. But he's not likely to extend it nationwide by November.
from March 10, 2000

Vice-presidential sweepstakes
Who'll be number two? The old game of geographical diversity is out the window. Both parties are looking for a strong brand name.
from March 3, 2000

California dreamin'
The California primary could reward Election Day losers. Plus, George W.'s cash-flow problem, Big Dig money woes, and David Frum's groovy new book
from February 18, 2000

Like father, like son
The Bush clan doesn't like to change strategies -- or advisers. That spelled doom in '92, and it's doing the same thing now.
from February 11, 2000

And now, the real world
The voters have spoken -- but not for long. After New Hampshire, the establishment bosses kick into action.
from February 4, 2000

Spinning loyalty
The Gore camp prepares to explain why the VP stood up for his philandering boss. Plus, the politics of the Skakel case, and the incredible shrinking governor.
from January 28, 2000

See Jane govern
Jane Swift is a cabinet appointment away from becoming governor. But a fresh look at our 34-year-old lieutenant governor suggests she isn't yet ready for prime time.
from January 21, 2000

New Hampshire diary
Is McCain a political cross-dresser? Is Bush letting conservative hatchet men fight his battles? One reporter hits the road in search of answers.
from January 14, 2000

Expect the mother of all negative campaigns in the 2000 presidential election
from January 7, 2000

It's the economy, stupid
The vibrant, multinational economic climate is making state politics less relevant to the future
from December 31, 1999

Labor pains
The alliance between Al Gore and big labor exposes the Clinton administration's soft line on union corruption
from December 24, 1999

Going for broke
Al Gore is running out of money. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
from December 17, 1999

Early exit?
Is Paul Cellucci Beltway bound? Some seem to hope so.
from December 3, 1999

Early frost
Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate campaign has lost much of its summer sizzle
from November 26, 1999

Off message
Al Gore touts the `new economy' and the tech companiesthat fuel it. He also wants to end suburban sprawl. But you can't have the first without the second.
from November 19, 1999

Taking sides
In Massachusetts Democratic circles, the Bradley vs. Gore battle looks like a rematch of Tsongas vs. Clinton. Will the outcome differ?
from November 12, 1999

Republicanism and its discontents
Pat Buchanan has left the GOP, neocon intellectuals can't get anyone to listen to them, and congressional Republicans have never been weaker.
from October 29, 1999

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