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David Boyle gets catty

Last week, a peculiar song began cropping up on MP3 blogs such as Tofu Hut (tofuhut.blogspot.com) and Fluxblog (newflux.blogspot.com). Itís an amateur recording, a rushed and ramshackle rap, with the wobbly MC railing against the perfidy of the Bush administration over the instrumental track of the late Rick Jamesís "Super Freak." The tune set blogsí message boards ablaze. "I am horrified and entertained beyond belief," wrote one listener. "I knew exactly what I was getting into when I downloaded this," wrote another, "but I went and did it anyway." What he got was David Boyleís "George W. Pussy," the scariest, most hilarious presidential put-down set to a í70s sex-funk classic that youíll ever hear.

Almost as if heís too angry to keep composed, Boyle raps fast, always just ahead of or behind the randy beat and that iconic bass line. Sometimes his rapid-fire words crash into each other, a train wreck of indignant rage:

Look under a bush, u might find a cat

Yo whatchoo think of that

He didnít fight in Iraq

Didnít fight in Viet Nam

9/11 sent those people to Heaven,

But buddy you couldnít even run a 7/11

How come you failed

Waving your bushy pussy tail

You sent those kids to go invade Baghdad

To look tougher than your Dad

Now they mamas sad

Their babies coming home in a body bag

So u was too naive

To stop Abu Ghraib?

The torture house

Youíre in Saddamís posse now....

George W. Pussy is your name

Cat in the dunce hat, youíre the one to blame

Not to mention the election you robbed

And how come yíall lost 3 million jobs

Of course, I love Americans too

God knows I love them more than you

Yes, he rhymes "Abu Ghraib" with the word "naive." He also shouts the word "pussy" a total of 42 times, not counting meows. But the coup de grâce is a nod to MC Hammerís "U Canít Touch This," which, of course, appropriated the same "Super Freak" backing track: "Stop! Halliburton time!"

The song is an instant folk-art classic, a semi-articulate statement of one citizenís funk-fueled frustration. Even better, it doubles as a tribute to the life of a man Boyle calls a musical genius. "I thought it would kinda bring Rick James back to life," he says over the phone from his home in Ann Arbor. "I can imagine Rick James, instead of saying, ĎIím Rick James, bitch!í saying, ĎIím Rick James, Bush!í Ha ha ha!" (Boyle attended Jamesís open-casket memorial, and says he touched the funk legendís hand in reverence.)

But first and foremost the song is about Bush, who incenses Boyle with his "disastrous foreign policy and catastrophic domestic policy." Still, though, "I donít hate him. Hate is a sin. I pray he can be a better person somehow." And by "pussy," Boyle insists he means the feline connotation. "If anyone wants to make any other interpretations, theyíre perfectly welcome to do so. I certainly canít stop them."

Boyle recently protested (but didnít perform) at the third presidential debate in Tempe, Arizona. It was a worthwhile trip, and not just because he got on TV, standing in the background of Pat Buchananís talk show with a sign that read WEAPONS OF MASTURBATION. He was also able to hand copies of "George W. Pussy" off to Ron Reagan Jr. and Daryl Hall and John Oates, who were guests on the show. Boyle would welcome a collaboration with Hall and Oates, he says, but "I havenít gotten a reply."

On Boyleís minimalist Web site, d-bo.com, you can download some of his other raps for a mere 99 cents. Thereís "Rappenheit 9/11," of course. And thereís "The Rapping of the Christ," in which the messiah himself busts a rhyme for the salvation of mankind. (Sample lyric: "Oh Judas, oh Judas, whyíd you put me through dis?") "Thereís lots of Christian rap, but I donít think thereís ever been a rap song where you have Jesus rapping," says Boyle.

A true Renaissance man, Boyle also passed the bar exam last year. But, he says, "Iím not practicing law at the present because I think making rap music is more interesting. At this junction in my life I want to make rap music ó at least until November 2." After all, keeping a song like this to oneís self would be a disservice to the public. "I donít want to slap myself on the back, but when youíve got a) Rick Jamesís music, b) a provocative title like ĎGeorge W. Pussy,í and c) my lyrics, which I think are pretty good, mixed together, I donít know how you can go wrong."

Issue Date: October 22 - 28, 2004
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