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Giant Steps Archives

By Jon Garelick

Different strokes
2005 in jazz
from December 23, 2005

Through the cracks
Instrumental (and other) music that defies genre
from December 16, 2005

Is jazz catching up with contemporary pop?
from November 18, 2005

Going his own way
Anthony Braxton continues to push beyond categories
from November 4, 2005

Ellington + Ethiopia =
The Either/Orchestra’s African sojourn
from October 21, 2005

Film school
Dave Douglas goes to the movies
from October 14, 2005

Lived to tell
Dylan looks back in Scorsese’s No Direction Home
from September 23, 2005

Pan-American Jazz
Danilo Pérez and Aruán Ortiz transcend their roots
from September 16, 2005

Crowd pleasers and other cats
Newport Jazz’s annual health report
from August 19, 2005

Island songs
Juliana Hatfield, Vineyard Vibes, and Bill Frisell
from August 12, 2005

Two for the road
Eartha Kitt and Carly Bley hit Newport
from July 29, 2005

As you like it
David Gross’s gdg, plus Vijay, Joshua, and Me’Shell
from July 15, 2005

Crossing over again
Joshua Redman and Me’Shell NdegéOcello make jazz pop
from June 24, 2005

Freedom by design
Butch Morris’s conductions leave little to chance
from June 10, 2005

Brawling Billie
Holiday remembered in print and on disc; plus Doug Wamble
from May 20, 2005

Who got da funk?
New Orleans delivers the beat
from May 6, 2005

Young at heart
Gary Burton’s protégés pull him back into the band business
from April 22, 2005

Nation building
Eric Hofbauer’s DIY jazz
from April 8, 2005

Where the chords have no names
The Pat Metheny Group takes the long view
from March 25, 2005

David Caruso and the Fringe fanatics
from March 18, 2005

Miles of Poland
We know who is Tomasz Stanko
from March 11, 2005

Spooky's world
Paul D. Miller’s ‘Rebirth of a Nation’
from March 4, 2005

Happy accidents
Tim Berne’s long, sweet ride, plus wordplay from Paul Auster and Don Byron
from February 25, 2005

The blues and the abstract truth
Jason Moran takes his music out into the sun
from February 18, 2005

Undersung hero
Jim Hobbs makes a mighty noise with the Fully Celebrated Orchestra
from February 11, 2005

Bop, hard bop, and free bop
Jazz nights in Boston, plus Michael Musillami and Downbeat disses
from January 28, 2005

History lessons
Miles and Wynton do Jack Johnson, plus the Bad Plus
from January 14, 2005

A tale of two saints
Albert Ayler and Lenny Bruce get boxed
from December 10, 2004

Get serious
Both sides of Elvis Costello
from December 3, 2004

Singing for their supper
Jane Monheit, Madeleine Peyroux, and jazz’s hit parade
from November 19, 2004

Home brews
Checking in with Jamie Baum, Steve Kuhn, and Mulatu Astatké
from November 5, 2004

Bob Dylan's movable feast
His Chronicles delivers the word
from October 22, 2004

Club notes
Bruno Råberg, Charlie Hunter, the Beat Circus, and Patricia Barber do it live
from October 8, 2004

To play is the thing
The Beat Circus’s vaudevillean bent; plus Danilo Pérez and Bruno Råberg
from September 24, 2004

Chuck you, Farley!
Newport Jazz celebrates its 50th with a hurricane of good music
from August 20, 2004

Crossover dreams
Newport Jazz celebrates 50 years
from August 6, 2004

Solo artist
Maria Schneider’s good news; plus, Mose in Marblehead
from July 30, 2004

War and peace
Billy Bang’s Vietnam Aftermath, and Medeski Martin & Wood
from July 16, 2004

Mingus meets dub
Club d'Elf's floating musical crap game
from July 2, 2004

The goodest thing going
Remembering Steve Lacy: 1934-2004
from June 18, 2004

Talking about Elvin
‘Emperor Jones’ and his legacy
from June 4, 2004

New Orleans notes
Is music ‘better’ with a po’ boy?
from May 7, 2004

Border crossings
Bill Frisell, Bobby Previte, and Donal Fox push the jazz envelope
from April 23, 2004

To the East and back
Journeys with Phil Scarff and Natraj
from April 16, 2004

Sweet suite
Steve Lacy does the Beats
from March 5, 2004

The future is now
Dave Douglas progresses, Gary LeMel looks back
from February 27, 2004

Lady luck
Norah Jones delivers Come Away with Me, part two
from February 13, 2004

Songs of experience
Carol Sloane's lived-in jazz
from February 6, 2004

Teresa Inês, Joe Maneri, Dave Frishberg, Christian McBride, Charlie Haden & Kenny Barron
from January 23, 2004

Man out of time
Dave Frishberg’s deep nostalgia, plus Branford Marsalis
from January 9, 2004

Winter dreams
Jazz on tap in clubs and concerts
from January 2, 2004

Inside, outside, and all around
Here’s the year, summarized in discs I heard and shows I went to, arranged alphabetically by artist.
from December 26, 2003

A good long story
Wynton Marsalis brings All Rise to Boston
from December 12, 2003

Swinging machines
Andy’s Biskin’s ‘Goldberg’s Variations’
from December 5, 2003

Going electric
Craig Taborn and the Fender Rhodes
from November 21, 2003

Funk and more
Josh Roseman comes home
from November 07, 2003

What's new?
Standing by the avant-garde's old guard
from October 24, 2003

On edge
Kurt Rosenwinkel’s Heartcore
from October 3, 2003

More than funny
Randy Newman’s original American Songbook
from September 19, 2003

School days
Studying Ornette Coleman with Ran Blake
from August 29, 2003

Old and new dreams
The Newport Jazz Festival — and the Fringe move on
from August 15, 2003

George Wein sticks with jazz
from August 1, 2003

Oh, didn’t he Wamble
Doug does it for Marsalis Music; plus Harry Connick Jr. and the Marsalis-Rounder connection
from July 18, 2003

Stop Making Sense
The how and what of the Bad Plus, and a soggy Globe Jazz Fest
from June 27, 2003

Out sourcing
Lovano, Scofield, and Hargrove get into, and beyond, Miles and Coltrane
from June 6, 2003

Mixing it up
Donal Fox’s two worlds
from May 23, 2003

Gathering of tribes
The 33rd New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
from May 9, 2003

One writes, the other doesn’t
David Gross’s free improv; Darrell Katz and the Jazz Composers Alliance
from April 25, 2003

Speaking in tongues
David Murray’s polyglot genius
from April 10, 2003

The preacher
Daniel Ian Smith’s community of jazz
from March 27, 2003

Equal measure
Ben Schwendener and Marc Rossi excel in Living Geometry
from March 13, 2003

Free man
Alan Silva’s ‘conductions’; plus Fieldwork
from February 27, 2003

It's about time
Guaranteed Swahili's crazy eights
from February 13, 2003

Top notch all over town
Sphere, Charles Lloyd, Nieske 3 with the ‘Lyds,’ and John Tchicai
from January 30, 2003

Real to real
Charles Lloyd’s maverick modes
from January 16, 2003

Winter winds
Great guitars, hard bop, and more
from January 2, 2003

Reading jazz
Books that tell the music's story
from December 19, 2002

Mixed Media
Oliver Jackson and Marty Ehrlich ‘paint’ jazz
from December 5, 2002

Cooking with Steve
An expat brings his jazz recipes home
from November 21, 2002

Modern moods
Joshua Redman and Brad Mehldau go ‘contemporary’
from October 10, 2002

Smart moves
Dave Holland brings his big-band jazz to Berklee
from October 3, 2002

The Either/Orchestra’s Afro-Latin connection
Plus Patricia Barber and Fire in the Valley
from September 12, 2002

A gig to remember
Charlie Kohlhase and Roswell Rudd revisit September 11
from September 6, 2002

Stepping out
Branford Marsalis’s tribute album
from August 29, 2002


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