The Case of the Mysterious Treasure Map

Choose Your Own Boston Adventure
By JAMES P. FITZPATRICK  |  July 21, 2011

Another morning dawns on your Mission Hill tripledecker. Groaning, and wishing you could afford an A/C, you drag yourself into your kitchen, slump down at your wobbly table, and pour your just-barely-expired milk into a bowl. Upending a box of your favorite processed sugary cereal, you hear a splash and a thud. Weird, you think, squinting at the foreign object in your Froot Loops; you didn’t even know they put prizes in cereal boxes anymore.

It’s some kind of metallic canister. Hmm. . . You pop it open. Inside is an old map of Boston, drawn on some kind of thick paper — parchment? You can see that someone has carefully mapped out all of the city’s most historic landmarks, places you’ve always heard about but never actually been to, even though you’ve lived here for years.

On the other side is a note in old-fashioned, spidery handwriting — but it’s been smudged. You can only make out the words “wicked” and “treasure.”

Looks like your day just got more interesting.

Take a walk.

Take a ride.

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