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>>  Total huzzah: While GRIME STUDIOS’ ask didn’t quite hit its mark, we’ve gotten word that production on the new rehearsal space will go forth, a major win for the city’s music scene. The spot at 299 Presumpscot Street was leased for the next 10 years to Grime honcho Justin Curtsinger, whose incredible work toward this end has made his name more or less synonymous with the Portland institution. The 30-something bands that currently rehearse there will hope to get going in early 2015. In the meantime, Curtsinger says there’s still a lot to do, and his fundraising initiatives will continue to alternate between totally proper crowdfunding campaigns and brutal noise shows (like November 21 at Geno’s, with Morne, Ramlord, Xiphoid Dementia, and Mugwort). Visit and @grimestudios on Twitter for updates throughout the winter.
>>  Fresh off a glowing review of the new Tall Horse record, the band he assists quite a bit, a new one from DUSTIN SAUCIER’s project with the SAD BASTARDS hits the digital streets this week, a big and chunky slice of emo-rock along the lines of Mineral, Cursive, Placebo, etc.—probably even a few contemporary groups, too. Titled Rock, we approve of the steps Saucier’s taken in that direction—this thing does seem more comfortable with bombast, desperation, and sonic explosives than the more acoustically-based releases in the group’s history. Saucier’s got a brassy and super-clean set of pipes, which can sometimes push his songs into maudlin territory, but he’s no doubt growing, getting weirder and more experimental, and writing more dynamic songs. Hear them at
>>  No doubt you’ve already got Halloween plans, we’re just run through some amazing options as a tease: the Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover band at Novare Res; Coke Weed/Foam Castles/Jaw Gems/Starship Luther at Bunker; SPACE’s psych-soiree with Kinks, Roky Erickson, and early Pink Floyd cover sets; and the mysterious “Rock vs. Pop” Clash of the Titans at Port City, the latter of which seems like a good catch-all party for those with indiscriminant tastes. ^

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