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Screw you, America
Sometimes the fish in the barrel deserve to die

America speaks with one voice. Unfortunately, it emanates from its ass.

ó Barry Crimmins

DONíT FORGIVE my anger. All this needs to be said. And I know that as soon as that stiff-faced to-the-manure-born right-wing lackey in the White House tries to appoint a 21st-century counterpart to Roy Bean to the Supreme Court in a few weeks, more people are going to wish theyíd said it sooner. John Kerry fucked up. More important, America fucked up. And the people who fucked up the most ó you infamous red-staters ó are going to suffer along with the rest of us. To put it in lingo a NASCAR devotee would understand, "Yíall deserve a good talkiní-to."

John F. Kerry, youíre first.

In your befuddling concession speech, you actually called for unity and healing. Sounds good, clown, but canít you even imagine for a second that the people who supported you so zealously for the past five months might just see that insincere gesture of good sportsmanship as a betrayal? See, unlike you pols, we voters actually believe in shit. We believe that George W. Bush and his henchpeople are a real threat to the survival of democracy. We believe that theyíre killing people for profit. And we believe that they donít have a goddamn clue about forfending terrorism on US soil.

Thatís not a position gap; thatís an ideological gash. And itís not going to heal, because, unlike you expedient professional truth-manipulators, Iím not prepared to meet the enemies of freedom halfway just because you lost the election. Your speechwriters might see the Bush administrationís failings as nothing more than convenient fodder for your campaign blather, but the GOP juntaís sins donít go away just because decrying them no longer serves your ambitions. Last week they were the imperialist pigs who misled us into war and you were the savior. Now weíre the goddamn Getalong Gang?! Screw that. Fight back or shut up.

Now, the rest of you ...

A lot of us effete Easterners want to know: what the fuck is wrong with you?! You voted against your self-interest at every turn (you dumb-asses in South Dakota deserve special credit for voting out one of the most powerful Democrats in the Senate) and re-elected an ignorant cowboy who canít be trusted to remember a lunch order, never mind run a country. What in the name of God ...?! Wait, it was in the name of God, wasnít it? Rendered weak and ignorant by a spoon-fed climate of fear, you slack-jawed inbred flatlanders have sought refuge in the traditional twin towers of mindlessness ó jingoistic patriotism and fundamentalist religion. Godís on your side. Like hell. Jesus loves us, dammit.

Okay, you want God? Letís talk about God. Your religion is bogus. Fundamentalism, the facile belief in the unexplained and un-researched, is something you born-agains (couldnít get it right the first time, huh?) share with Al Qaeda, whose ideologues doggedly adhere to religious misinterpretations every bit as silly and dangerous as yours. Just like you, Muslim fundamentalists long to impose an unrealistic and intolerant pseudo-Calvinist morality on the world. In fact, Americaís religious right has so much in common with the Shiah, itís a wonder you guys donít invite them to join the Rotary. Born-againsters look for the face of Christ in the wallpaper; fundamentalist Muslims hallucinate the voice of the 12th Imam; but aside from that (and extremely divergent attitudes toward pork), you both hate the same stuff ó homosexuality, pacifism, Jews, education, uppity women, enlightenment, short skirts, gangsta rap, tattoos, infidels ... (They also share your love of super-lethal weaponry.)

Well, sorry to burst your holy bubble, Jesus freaks, but God did not create the world in seven days; thatís just ignorant. Like a lot of stuff in the Bible, it didnít happen. And Moses looked more like Jeff Goldblum than like Charlton Heston. Jesus didnít hunt; he fished. Jesus wouldnít want you (or anyone else) to have an assault rifle. What would Jesus do if he met you? Heíd ask you to stop ruining his hard-won good reputation. (Yíknow the guy died to redeem your sorry ass; you might at least show a little respect for what he was really about.)

What else is bothering you self-destructive morons? What other overwhelmingly urgent issue caused you to vote yourselves into the retirement poorhouse and sacrifice the four freedoms? Gay marriage? Dig it. Right at this moment in your little picturesque insular East Silage-for-Brains, USA, there are gay and lesbian couples walking around ó possibly even copulating. Really. Itís been going on around you all your lives, and youíve never been hurt by it. Now, if these same couples were "married" in any legal sense, theyíd still walk and copulate as usual and it still wouldnít make any difference to you. You donít like or understand homosexuality? Fine. Nobodyís asking your permission. But itís not your problem. And hiding it wonít make it go away. Nor will persecuting gays change anybodyís sexual preference. So, to put it aptly, go fuck yourselves and leave other people alone.

Anything else? Education deform ... er reform. Some of you werenít even born the first time when, in 1968, legendary secular-humanist prophet Frank Zappa wrote: "All your children are poor unfortunate victims of lies you believe. A plague upon your ignorance that keeps the young from the truth they deserve." We repeat, creationism is absurd. Yet in the name of protecting this ridiculous and irrelevant belief, you toothless crank-heads are willing to eschew all science and learning this side of Copernicus. (Or do you still think the sun orbits the earth?) The Bushies really are on your side here. Leaders like G.W. and (yes, itís a fair comparison) Hitler rise to power by exploiting the support of the weak and stupid, so itís in their interest to encourage weakness and stupidity. Thatís where universal education becomes a threat. Education encourages creative thought. Creative thought empowers people. Fascists hate creative thought. So itís incredibly convenient for the GOP that you folks actually want your kids to be dumb. Which is why the No Child Left Behind initiative you endorse has, in fact, done nothing! Happy? Perhaps ignorance really is bliss.

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Issue Date: November 12 - 18, 2004
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