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Bounty hunter
You don’t need to leave the city to enjoy the fruits of fall

If you ASSOCIATE pumpkins and apples only with awkward Thanksgiving dinners, you’re missing out on the many talents of these fall fruits. Fortunately, you don’t need to suffer through guilt trips and inane conversation to enjoy the seasonal spoils.

Lack the car or time needed to roam the countryside? Let the farmers come to you. At the Copley Square Farmers’ Market, you’ll find produce and more, including autumnal breads from Breadsong in Auburndale. Moist, dense pumpkin-date, pumpkin, and apple breads are available by the loaf ($4.75) or slice ($1.25). You can wash them down with cider ($2.50/half-gallon; $4.50/gallon) from Keown Orchards in Sutton.

Breakfast options featuring fall fruits abound. Hit the Web to order the cider doughnuts ($6.50/18) from Atkins Farms Country Market in South Amherst that are cherished by doughnut lovers nationwide. Cardullo’s offers New England Dutch-apple preserves ($4.99) from Weathervane Farm in Woburn to dress up bagels, toast, and English muffins. If your definition of breakfast begins and ends with caffeine, look to Tealuxe’s pumpkin-spice chai ($1–$22). Great with steamed milk and honey, the strong new chai features pumpkin, vanilla, and spicy herbs in a black-tea base. Meanwhile, coffee lovers can order Green Mountain Coffee Roasters pumpkin-spice coffee ($7.87/12-ounce bag) online.

If you prefer beverages of an alcoholic nature, head to Martignetti’s for Post Road Pumpkin Ale ($1.15/bottle; $6.29/six-pack) or Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale ($6.99/six-pack). Martignetti’s also offers a good selection of refreshing ciders, including Magners ($7.69/six-pack), Woodchuck ($6.69/six-pack), and Woodpecker ($1.39/bottle). Dairy Fresh Candies in the North End has a wide range of salted, lightly salted, unsalted, and snow-white pumpkin seeds ($1.49–$1.69/half-pound; $2.99–$3.99/pound) to savor with your brews.

Those with a sweet tooth should skip the ubiquitous pies in favor of more unique treats. Francesca’s Espresso Bar offers a moist apple-caramel bar ($2.50) well suited to moveable feasts in the South End. In Cambridge, Rosie’s Bakery makes a rich pumpkin cheesecake (about $23), while Formaggio Kitchen sells a pumpkin-raisin cookie ($1.25) and an apple-nectarine crisp ($10.25). For the ultimate decadence, sample the sinfully rich pumpkin fudge ($2.29/quarter-pound; $3.99/half-pound; $6.99/pound) or pumpkin truffles ($1.99 each) at Dairy Fresh Candies.

Still not ready to bid a happy adieu to summer? Strike a compromise by savoring ice cream in fall flavors. At JP Licks, grab a cup ($2.95–$3.98) or container ($4.50/pint; $7.95/quart) of the memory-making baked-apple soft frozen yogurt or the more subtle caramel-apple ice cream. Meanwhile, Christina’s Ice Cream rounds out its diverse menu with pumpkin ice cream and yogurt and green-apple sorbet ($2.15–$6.95).

Where to find it:

• Atkins Farms Country Market, (800) 594-9537;

• Cardullo’s, 6 Brattle Street, Cambridge, (617) 491-8888.

• Christina’s Ice Cream, 1255 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, (617) 492-7021.

• Copley Square Farmers’ Market, along St. James Avenue, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

• Dairy Fresh Candies, 57 Salem Street, Boston, (617) 742-2639;

• Formaggio Kitchen, 244 Huron Avenue, Cambridge, (617) 354-4750; 268 Shawmut Avenue, Boston, (617) 350-6996;

• Francesca’s Espresso Bar, 564 Tremont Street, Boston, (617) 482-9026.

• Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, (800) 223-6768;

• JP Licks, various locations.

• Martignetti’s, 64 Cross Street, Boston, (617) 227-4343; 1650 Soldiers Field Road, Brighton, (617) 782-3700;

• Rosie’s Bakery, various locations;

• Tealuxe, 0 Brattle Street, Cambridge, (617) 441-0077; 108 Newbury Street, Boston, (617) 927-0400;

Issue Date: October 3 - 9, 2003
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