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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

BODY COUNT. The Globe's Mark Jurkowitz has more today on those newsroom cutbacks at the Herald. Thirty-five bodies amounts to 25 percent of the union workforce in the Herald newsroom - and it sounds like plenty of non-union newsroom employees are going to find their heads on the chopping block as well. This is ugly, ugly stuff, and it makes you wonder what kind of a paper publisher Pat Purcell intends to put out.

Worth noting: the Herald has been pretty good about covering its own story, whether it was the libel trial earlier this year or the paper's economic woes. But nothing today - although there is this AP story on the paper's website.

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Conspicuous by its absence was any mention by Mark J. of the Metro acquisition. If you had to choose between Metro and Herald, which would YOU like to see survive? As was recently said in another context, Boston papers are "an evolving paradigm"... How sad is it that we will someday look back on 2005 as "the good old days"..

By Anonymous, at 1:59 PM  

"plus ca change", when they say "it's not about the money"..look out....

By Anonymous, at 2:20 PM  

As a Globe subscriber and a daily Herald reader, someone needs to say aloud that the Herald is getting the fate it deserves. Herald publisher J. Jonah Jameson, er, Pat Purcell has been blurring the line between objectivity and subjectivity way too much as of late and now has to deal with the reality that much of his target market finds his paper irrelevant.

By Anonymous, at 3:04 PM  

As opposed to what? The free flow of information on the Globe letters page? ("George Bush- evil or just stupid?") Face it, it's not right but THEY ALL DO IT. What are the odds of a right-wing Christian getting a fair hearing on the pages of the Phoenix? This is why we need the Ledger, Item, MetroWest Daily, etc. in addition to Globe & Herald. Too many papers are not quite enough...
PS unlike JJJameson, Purcell has not killed anyone I am aware of...

By Anonymous, at 8:04 PM  

Lets never overlook that the Herald forces the Globe to strive to be a better newspaper. Hope the Herald does manage to stay afloat... with its devoted employees.

By Scrivener, at 9:18 PM  

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